Friday, 30 November 2012

Warhound Titan (part I)

Unpacking and Cleaning

OK, so obviously the picture above is NOT my Titan, this one is on the 'Forge World' website. But in February 2012 I did purchased one! Now at the moment it is not complete and I am ashamed to say that due to real life I had to put it on the side line for a while. I will now however over several posts, tell all of you who are interested, about the unpacking, the build, the many problems encountered while doing so, the painting and finally how it plays on the table top.

This is one beast of a model and no small project to take on. If I were to give any advise I would say, Do your research, take your time (lots of it) and remember, Its your model, so do what you want to do. As I have mentioned before, I am just an average modeller and painter so to achieve what I have on the model, to me is outstanding. 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Grey Knight Stormraven

On one of my annual visits to Games Day UK, in 2011 I decided to purchase a Stormraven. Same price as normal, but it's my (I got something while I was there treat). Well this is the almost completed model for my Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood army, and also one of the reasons for collecting Grey Knights. Other than Blood Angels, they are the only other army that lets you take one. OK, so they trade off devastating Blood Strike Missiles for Mind Strike missiles, but gain Psychic Pilot with Fortitude that has served me well and kept it in the air.

Anyway, the photo above is a little attempt to display the model on a cinematic background. More pictures below showing some of the little conversions I managed to accomplish. Unfortunately I did not take any WIP photos but will explain the techniques I used.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Tau Piranha

The Tau Piranha. This is the Tau's answer to a Fast Attack vehicle, it can take up to 2 Seeker missiles and either a Burst Cannon or Fusion Blaster. It can also be loaded up on wargear but can get expensive very quickly. I really like this model even though, it's performance is not that great when I have used it.

The normal battle field roll I apply to this little skimmer is a tank hunter, fast enough to get it into position and with the Fusion Blaster will penetrate all armour. Pop goes the Landraider. OK so that has to date never happened  but it keeps them occupied long enough for the rest of my army to get into better positions.

Anyway, Enjoy...

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tau Fire Warrior Team

Tau Fire Warriors! I love these guys, ever since I read the Fire Warrior novel by Simon Spurrier.
When I started my Tau army, I did so by buying the 'Tau Empire Battleforce' box set. These Fire Warriors were quite fun to put together and a joy to paint, I am looking forward to making up another set soon, hopefully with a few conversions.

Behind the Fire Warriors is their Devilfish Troop Transport, again a very nice model. Below are some close up photos of the team, I have created two Shas'ui's ( sergeants)  so I can split the team down if needed. Please remember, I am not a pro painter, these are purely the best I can do, hope you enjoy the photos and write up.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Battle Report: Tau vs Salamanders & Eldar

Tau Dal'yth Sept
Salamander Space Marines & Eldar

As the third phase of the Tau Empire's expansion reaches out from the Eastern fringe, a single Dal'yth Sept Hunter Cadre launches an exploration force to the planet of Ostrius IV in Segmentum Ultima: Ostrius System. Along with Water Caste negotiators the Tau endeavour to welcome the citizens of Ostrius IV into the Tau Empire. Unknown to the Tau, a company of the Salamander Space Marine and Eldar allies are not so willing to except the Tau's offer of peace and battle quickly ensues!

Monday, 19 November 2012

Tau Battlesuit Commander

Here is my Tau Commander: Shas'o Dal'yth Or'es Shi, or translated to Commander of Many Powerful Victories. He was the first Tau model I ever built and painted. I have come up with a lot of background fluff regarding my Tau army, but that can be saved for another time.

The colour scheme was taken from the Dawn of War PC game but I slightly altered it. He has also had a little extra conversion work done to him to make him stand out a little, but nothing major that cannot be managed by the average gamer.

Please keep reading and check out the photos below of my Commander and his Body Guard. 

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Basing Your Miniatures (the basics)

The other day I mentioned at the end of the 'Strike Squad II' post, that I was going to do a little tutorial on how I based my miniatures, so as promised here it is.

The process is very simple and the end results are often quite effective, I also think it gives completion to the model and looks great on the gaming table when your entire army are all based the same.

Below are the basic steps I follow for achieving the above result.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Strike Squad II

Grey Knight Strike Squad II of the 4th Brotherhood.

Here is my latest completed squad for my Grey knight army. The load out on the guys are pretty standard being as cheap as possible, no upgrades other that the addition of a Psycannon for medium anti armour defence. Their battle field roll is to either camp out on a home objective or drive forward in Dedicated Transport to take objectives further afield. Being pretty reliable, carrying Nemesis Force Swords and the support of a Psycannon makes them in my opinion a not so easy unit to move.

Another great thing about the Strike Squad is their Warp Quake Psychic Power. At the start of their movement phase if the psychic test is successfully passed, they can cast Warp Quake where any unit that deep strikes within 12" of the unit, will automatically suffer a deep strike mishap and any equipment that stops them scattering also stops working. A great deterrent for armies wanting to deep strike into the back field.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

FAQs and Errata

Over the last few months I have encountered quite a few gamers that are completely unaware of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Errata's published by Games Workshop. I must admit that I have never seen apart from on other websites I visit, any announcements by Games Workshop, letting gamers know about any new FAQs and Errata that are released. Obviously these are highly important to our game system and clarify a mass of questions.

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Salamanders & Eldar

Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood
Salamander Space Marines & Eldar

The battle ground was set, the Grey Knights of the 4th Brotherhood had intercepted a long range communication that the Zenos Eldar were after three ancient artefacts on an isolated imperial world, and a company of Salamander Space Marines garrisoned there were led into believing that the Eldar were allies of convenience. The Grey Knights of the 4th Brotherhood had to stop the Eldar and if that meant fighting the Salamanders as well then so be it. Only one   thing stood in their way. The dice gods!

My Local Gaming Club

Morning all, I wanted to take a little time to highlight my local gaming club to you. As well as playing Warhammer 40k, Warhammer, Warmachines, a mass of other game systems are also played at the club, 'click here' or the Cheltenham Warchiefs link above, to head on over to the website to have a look yourself.

I have been gaming there on a Monday night for over a year now, and I have never met a friendlier group of people, we are all like minded and enjoy playing and discussing our hobbies together, as well as expanding and sharing our knowledge of the game. 

Cheltenham Warchiefs get together on Monday nights 7pm - 10pm at Hatherly and Reading Cricket Club, North Park, Shurdington Road, Shurdington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL51 4XA.

So go on, check the website out and I might see your there one night.

~ Knowledge is Power, hide it Well ~

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nemesis Dreadknight Valance

Nemesis Dreadknight Valance: 4th Brotherhood Heavy Support

Here is my first Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight, I do plan on getting another one when funds permit, but for now he is the lone ranger. 

My normal load out for him is Heavy Incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword & Personal Teleporter. Thanks to the new GW FAQ, he is now Strength 10, re-roll to hit, to wound and armour penetration  How I use him, first turn shunt up the field scaring the pants out of everything, drawing all the fire while the rest of the army gets into position, if he survives and with careful planning he does, he assaults next turn killing everything (well that's the plan at least).

No conversion work on this, just the addition of a Paladin Head rather than the normal head that came with the model, adds that little extra. I do believe this was my first Grey Knight mini that got me started, just an awesome figure no matter what people may say.

I have just finished re-painting him tonight and I think it looks pretty good, like I have said before, I am not the worlds best painter, but it's a start. 

Any way more pictures below. Hope you like.

~ The Truly Wise Are Always Afraid ~

Grand Master Valius

Grand Master Valius, Lord Commander of the 4th Brotherhood

So here is my Grand Master, he was one of the first minis that I painted around a year and a half ago, I have recently repainted him using the techniques I learnt from the 'How to Paint Citadel Miniatures' from Games Workshop. I have found this quite easy to do and I think the end result is not to bad.

He is one of the metal minis not Finecast so the detail is not to great but I have made a couple of subtle conversions on him.

  • Shield: Not really a conversion as such but I swapped out the horrible large metal shield for a plastic Grey Knight Terminator shield that is smaller and more fitting for the model in my opinion.
  • Right Arm: This I think is quite good, the figure comes with a Nemesis Force Halberd, which is not to bad, but loading up an extra 5pts on the model that could be spent else where and considering he is initiative 5 already I think it is not needed in most games. So I have magnetized the wrist and replaced the whole of the upper and lower arm with a plastic Grey Knight Terminator arm, thus enabling me to swap out between the Halberd and Sword (I will endeavour to get pics of both weapon options up soon)
  • Banner: This was a great achievement  I managed to get and old metal Space Marine banner from my brother, that was plain and basically green stuffed the Grey Knight Chapter Symbol onto it and a scroll at the bottom, it took a very long time but now it is painted I believe looks great and makes him stand out from the crowd in a fight.
I will not go on about how I painted the Grand Master here, but I will post soon a tutorial on how he was painted at a later date.

PPS - 8

~ Fortune Favours The Faithful ~

Friday, 9 November 2012

Painting Update

Painting Update

So over the past couple of days I have been finishing off my Grey Knight Strike Squad II. I am not the greatest of painters and have found in the past to be quite put off by the thought. But having purchased the ‘How to Paint Citadel Miniatures’ book and watching the CD that came with it, I started a different approach.

I have found this to be very relaxing as the standard of painting that comes out at the end is quite good. Not Golden Daemon standard but good all the same.

I will over the course of the weekend take some photos for you of my latest minis and include my own step by step of how I accomplished the end result soon after. Please remember that I am not the world’s best painter but from the feedback I have had, they are a good enough for the table top, anyway you can judge yourself when they are posted.

I have also decided to repaint my Nemesis Dreadknight using the same technique and although not as good as a newly painted model, it looks better than before, hopefully this will be finished tonight and pictures posted. I intend to have a Gallery Tab to showcase all my models.

Thanks again and happy painting to you all.

~ And I Shall Know No fear ~

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Deep Strike

So here is the first post of a hopefully long lasting blog! I intend to catalogue my love of the Warhammer 40k hobby and maybe give inspiration to others, I will also welcome feedback and improvement on my Gaming, Models, Terrain, Army Lists, Battle Reports and Background fluff etc.

So to jump into the fray I have decided to name my first post ‘Deep Strike’ to emphasize throwing myself into the unknown and kicking off my new blog, hopefully the dice gods will be with me causing this blog to be a hit rather than scattering out of existence.

I will be playing around with the design and content of the blog for a few weeks, so please be patient as more and more content will be added, I will upload my first ‘Battle Report’ soon and will ‘Show Case’ some of my miniatures and work in progress (WIP).

Just one thing to point out, although the initial references on this blog regards Grey Knight so far, this will not be the standard and will include many armies both Imperial and Zenos.

So without further a due, let the dice roll, happy reading.

~ Fear the heretic ~