Thursday, 8 November 2012

Deep Strike

So here is the first post of a hopefully long lasting blog! I intend to catalogue my love of the Warhammer 40k hobby and maybe give inspiration to others, I will also welcome feedback and improvement on my Gaming, Models, Terrain, Army Lists, Battle Reports and Background fluff etc.

So to jump into the fray I have decided to name my first post ‘Deep Strike’ to emphasize throwing myself into the unknown and kicking off my new blog, hopefully the dice gods will be with me causing this blog to be a hit rather than scattering out of existence.

I will be playing around with the design and content of the blog for a few weeks, so please be patient as more and more content will be added, I will upload my first ‘Battle Report’ soon and will ‘Show Case’ some of my miniatures and work in progress (WIP).

Just one thing to point out, although the initial references on this blog regards Grey Knight so far, this will not be the standard and will include many armies both Imperial and Zenos.

So without further a due, let the dice roll, happy reading.

~ Fear the heretic ~

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