Wednesday, 14 November 2012

FAQs and Errata

Over the last few months I have encountered quite a few gamers that are completely unaware of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Errata's published by Games Workshop. I must admit that I have never seen apart from on other websites I visit, any announcements by Games Workshop, letting gamers know about any new FAQs and Errata that are released. Obviously these are highly important to our game system and clarify a mass of questions.

My aim for this post is to point you to Games Workshops website, where the not so easily found documents are located. these are all in PDF format and are being updated more regularly than they used to be!

'FAQ's and Errata'

I have also included a link below to Forge Worlds download's page, when you will find 6th Edition updates and Experimental rules for using Forge World models in your game.


All of the PDF files on both Games Workshop and Forge World are completely free to download and can be stored on your computer or printed off for ease of use.

Hope you find the answers you want?

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