Saturday, 10 November 2012

Grand Master Valius

Grand Master Valius, Lord Commander of the 4th Brotherhood

So here is my Grand Master, he was one of the first minis that I painted around a year and a half ago, I have recently repainted him using the techniques I learnt from the 'How to Paint Citadel Miniatures' from Games Workshop. I have found this quite easy to do and I think the end result is not to bad.

He is one of the metal minis not Finecast so the detail is not to great but I have made a couple of subtle conversions on him.

  • Shield: Not really a conversion as such but I swapped out the horrible large metal shield for a plastic Grey Knight Terminator shield that is smaller and more fitting for the model in my opinion.
  • Right Arm: This I think is quite good, the figure comes with a Nemesis Force Halberd, which is not to bad, but loading up an extra 5pts on the model that could be spent else where and considering he is initiative 5 already I think it is not needed in most games. So I have magnetized the wrist and replaced the whole of the upper and lower arm with a plastic Grey Knight Terminator arm, thus enabling me to swap out between the Halberd and Sword (I will endeavour to get pics of both weapon options up soon)
  • Banner: This was a great achievement  I managed to get and old metal Space Marine banner from my brother, that was plain and basically green stuffed the Grey Knight Chapter Symbol onto it and a scroll at the bottom, it took a very long time but now it is painted I believe looks great and makes him stand out from the crowd in a fight.
I will not go on about how I painted the Grand Master here, but I will post soon a tutorial on how he was painted at a later date.

PPS - 8

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