Saturday, 10 November 2012

Nemesis Dreadknight Valance

Nemesis Dreadknight Valance: 4th Brotherhood Heavy Support

Here is my first Grey Knight Nemesis Dreadknight, I do plan on getting another one when funds permit, but for now he is the lone ranger. 

My normal load out for him is Heavy Incinerator, Nemesis Greatsword & Personal Teleporter. Thanks to the new GW FAQ, he is now Strength 10, re-roll to hit, to wound and armour penetration  How I use him, first turn shunt up the field scaring the pants out of everything, drawing all the fire while the rest of the army gets into position, if he survives and with careful planning he does, he assaults next turn killing everything (well that's the plan at least).

No conversion work on this, just the addition of a Paladin Head rather than the normal head that came with the model, adds that little extra. I do believe this was my first Grey Knight mini that got me started, just an awesome figure no matter what people may say.

I have just finished re-painting him tonight and I think it looks pretty good, like I have said before, I am not the worlds best painter, but it's a start. 

Any way more pictures below. Hope you like.

~ The Truly Wise Are Always Afraid ~

PPS - 14

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