Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tau Fire Warrior Team

Tau Fire Warriors! I love these guys, ever since I read the Fire Warrior novel by Simon Spurrier.
When I started my Tau army, I did so by buying the 'Tau Empire Battleforce' box set. These Fire Warriors were quite fun to put together and a joy to paint, I am looking forward to making up another set soon, hopefully with a few conversions.

Behind the Fire Warriors is their Devilfish Troop Transport, again a very nice model. Below are some close up photos of the team, I have created two Shas'ui's ( sergeants)  so I can split the team down if needed. Please remember, I am not a pro painter, these are purely the best I can do, hope you enjoy the photos and write up.

Here is the 1st Fire Warrior team, I think the Green armour with the Grey cloth works quite well. My Shas'ui is helmet less and I have not finished the blue skin even though they have been finished for over a year, I have not worked out what I want to do yet. Any suggestions? He is holding a Mulit-tracker and the Warrior on the right is throwing an EMP grenade.

So here is the point man or should I say point Tau, I love they way you can have them dynamically posed, it lets you create great looking gun lines and as we all know, that's what Tau are good at. But with the new 6th Edition rules being more objective based, I am leaving gun lines behind and going mobile.

Here is the 2nd Fire Warrior team. When fighting as a unit of 12 I always use the Shas'ui without a helmet but when split in to two sixes, the Warrior in the centre is my other Shas'ui.

This little Warrior was great fun to make. I have added a markerlight to the bottom of his Pulse Rifle at the end, I used a gun sling from the Kroot which speaks for it's self and using green stuff, I made a cable running from his weapon to his helmet linking up his markerlight. He looks quite good on the table top.

The Purple on the shoulder guard and helmet really make him stand out from the crowd, and the addition of the enhanced sight on the Pulse rifle makes him kind of special. Not A Golden Daemon figure but fun.

The Devilfish. This was a really nice model to build, painting however took forever and a day. I Painted it green then edge highlighted the entire model. Looks good from a distance and great on the table top. I tried to pain on shark teeth to the warhead of the under slung Seeker missile, this has also been magnetised so the missile can be removed

as you can see, I have used the Da'yth Sept transfers that come with the model on the side doord and the rear hatch. The white Sept markings also correspond to the Fire Warrior team and tie in with the rest of the army.

The Gun Drones can also be removed for when they decide to disengage from the model.

Side shoot with disengaged gun Drones. This photo really shows off the curved profile of the model that you normal don't see when stood over the gaming table.

Well that's my Fire Warrior team with transport, I only have the 12 Warriors and 1 Devilfish for now, but I intend to get a matching set soon.

Hope you liked them.

PPS - 44.5

~ For the Greater Good ~


  1. Beautifully executed and a really nice colour scheme. The panel highlights on the devilfish are especially good. If I started 40k from scratch again I would probably start with Tau.Ok - Tau and orks. And IG. And maybe Nurgle.

  2. Thank you for your comment, I really enjoyed painting these even though they took forever. I did not want to do any of the colour schemes in the book and being as my name is Dale I thought hey Dal'yth Sept! And it went from there. Got to Finnish off my Hammerhead Gunship in the same fashion, will post when done. Thanks again. Dale.

  3. How do you find out which color schemes go with which Sept? I have the Tau Codex and cannot find it anywhere. Please advise. Thank you