Friday, 23 November 2012

Tau Piranha

The Tau Piranha. This is the Tau's answer to a Fast Attack vehicle, it can take up to 2 Seeker missiles and either a Burst Cannon or Fusion Blaster. It can also be loaded up on wargear but can get expensive very quickly. I really like this model even though, it's performance is not that great when I have used it.

The normal battle field roll I apply to this little skimmer is a tank hunter, fast enough to get it into position and with the Fusion Blaster will penetrate all armour. Pop goes the Landraider. OK so that has to date never happened  but it keeps them occupied long enough for the rest of my army to get into better positions.

Anyway, Enjoy...

I always picture the Piranha skimming along at break neck speeds just feet from the ground being a blur to the eye. I decided to paint all of the vents on most the Tau weapons a light blue colour to simulate the plasma and fusion energy contained within. I have a few ideas to play around with to get a better effect, but will do for now. Notice the pilot and gunner have matching Sept marking to the vehicle.

I have not got any Seeker missiles underneath the vehicle as I normally don't take them on it, not that I don't like them, its just the Piranha never survives long enough to get into a position to use them. The down side to this vehicle is that its not very competitive on the battle field, maybe I using it wrong, but when I purchase more tau, I feel this will sit on the side line. 

The profile on this model however is outstanding I think. It fits the roll of a mini gunship well but lacks the fire power  If the Piranha lasts long enough, disengaging the Gun Drones to contest an objective is always a great move and can harrow the enemy a bit.

I have used this model in a few home games to proxy it as a Forge Word 'Tau Pathfinder Tetra'. this has a High Density Markerlight, heavy 4 that basically makes this a fast spotter vehicle, if there is a nasty threat, then this little baby can light it up good enough to make this hit on a 2+ and reduce any cover saves to zero. When I purchase one which I will one day, I will post a write up on it.

Well that's my Piranha, a great model to build and paint, any tips you can give me on using it better would be appreciated?

PPS - 18.5

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