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2013 Resolutions


Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all had a great holiday and looking forward to an amazing 40k year. I thought I would post a New Year Resolutions list and a wish list to start this year off, I will also periodically review the list and at the end of the year see how I have fared!

I have not posted for a few weeks due to real life and spending the holiday season with my family, but I have managed to get a little bit of hobby time in and will shortly start to post bits up. I have also noticed that quite a few other blogs use a Painting Points System to keep themselves motivated, being as I do get a little slow at times I thought I would give that a go as well. Credit go's to 'Lone Pilgrim' and 'Iron Legion' for giving me the initial idea for this.

Below you will find my Resolutions for 2013, and my Wish list. Happy gaming everyone.

In no particular order:

Resolutions for 2013

  1. Publish Posts on a regular basis at least once a week.
  2. Finish painting my Tau (I currently have 12 Kroot, 3 Stealth Suits, 4 Gun Drones, 1 Battlesuit and 1 Hammerhead to finish).
  3. Finish painting my Grey Knights (I currently have 1 Dreadnaught, 2 Razorbacks and 1 Land Raider to finish).
  4. Finish painting and modelling my Warhound Titan.
  5. Post the rest of the Warhound articles.
  6. Make plans for an entry into Games Day UK 2014 (got a lot of things going on this year and with all the painting I need to do, this project will be waiting for a while, I also need to try and up my painting skills a little, Object Source Lighting OSL one of them, I don't intend on winning, just want to have fun and take part)
  7. Make some Objective Markers. (I hate those new dice, who want to fight over a dice lol)
  8. Start a Red Scorpions Space Marine Army (Being a Scorpio birth sign, I thought it would be fitting, plus I love their Fluff).
  9. Get all the Fluff I have in my head down onto paper and post on the site (It's complicated but I enjoy it, I like to have a reason for collecting armies and building terrain, what's that I hear; Forging a Narrative! Sound good to me).
  10. Create an eye catching banner for the site and spread the word.
  11. create a 360 gallery.
  12. Design Inquisitor Ravenor and his Warband to mirror the Ravenor novels (wanted to do this for a long time and could be fun to play, anyone got any ideas on the chair?).
  13. Finish my Terrain projects that have been sidelined.
  14. Start posting articles from my gaming friends onto the site (Basically I want to get as many people involved as possible the whole idea for this site is to not only show the world my stuff but show other peoples talents and models as well, might not be professional stuff but I'm sure people would be interested).
OK; That's a lot hobby resolutions, if anyone has any ideas how I can accomplish this any faster or has any suggestions, please comment below or email me via the contacts page.

Wish List
  • Warhound Titan Mars Pattern Turbo Laser. 'Take a look' ££££
  • Grey Knight Librarian. ££
  • Convert a Terminator into Grand Master Mordrak and Ghost Knights to go with him (Not going to be cheap). This should be in Resolutions but I need to buy it first. ££££££
  • Two 10 man Grey Knight Interceptor Squads. ££££££££
  • Nemesis Dreadknight. £££
  • Paladin Squad to accompany my Grand Master / Brother Captain (This all tie in with my Fluff and will be fun to play). £££
  • Land Raider Crusader pack. 'Take a look' £
  • Stormtalon Gunship. £££
  • Space Marine Captain. ££
  • TAU! ££££££££££ (When they arrive this year)
Now that is a very large wish list and as you can see by the £ symbols will cost a lot, good job I already have things to model and paint!

I will hopefully revisit these to list at the end of each season to give you an update on where I'm at. As mentioned above I will start a Painting Points system to keep me motivated and details will be posted soon.

~ To truly serve the Emperor you will need to Die in his service ~

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