Wednesday, 30 January 2013

40k Tournament Advice Needed

A bit of a different post today. Instead of showing the latest painted models etc.  I want to ask advice from all of you Warhammer 40k Tournament players.

I plan on attending Throne of Skulls in Nottingham soon with a Grey Knight army. I have never played in a competitive environment before and I was looking for some advice? I am not going to post my army list just in case I end up playing someone who has read this post and cottons onto any advice I have taken on board. After all I do intend on giving people a run for their money.

I have spent the past couple of months putting together what I believe to be a competitive list, I have research other peoples experiences and taken on board some of that information. The list I intend on using is very different from all the of tournament lists I have see on the web but it contains units that I love to play and being that it is all about the fun, I would rather use what I like to play rather then the standard, use these units because they win games.

Below is a list of fears / concerns that I have regarding attending a tournament, if anyone could help iron these out I would be much obliged?

  • Necrons - I hate Necrons, every time I have played them with any army I have lost, are they the unbeatable army!
  • Imperial Guard - I have only every played against Imperial Guard twice, and one of those was an Apocalypse game, there are not many Imperial Guard players in my gaming circle so I am a little concerned that I do not have enough experience fighting against them!
  • Speed - Although I do not dither around while playing a game I am a bit unsure of the game turn around time in a tournament environment  would I be correct is saying about two hours for a 1500pt game?
  • Painting - I am fully aware that for tournaments the model have to be GW / Forge World, Painted and Based, but do they have to be of extremely high standards to play at tournaments?
  • Army List - What format do army lists have to be written in i.e.  Do I just list what I have with the total points cost or do I have to specify base points and they the added points next to each piece or wargear?
  • Tray - Do I need to have a special tray to place my models on or (and this is my thought) is this just for ease of transportation and tidiness? Also I have noticed that a few people have kind of modelled a tray like a diorama to place their models on (really like that idea) is that allowed?

Check out this link to my 'Strike Squad II' This is one of the Grey Knight Squads I intend on taking, let me know your thoughts on whether the painting is up to standard for tournaments.

Anyway, please feel free to comment or even email me with your tips, Hints and advice, all will be most welcome.

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  1. I'll deal with the Imperial Guard one first. In all seriousness, just spread out your models in your squads, then chop the guard up. That's about it, you can't get shot at if you're in combat.

    The good news is, I don't think "Throne of Skulls" is a particularly heavy tournament, since they're on every couple of months. So, hopefully, you shouldn't be turning up and playing against 6 Valkyrie Vendetta armies, or a Necron Bakery.

    The big thing I found was, in my grand experience of going to 1 tournament, was that it's probably better off losing your first game of the tourney. I ended up winning mine and for the rest of the weekend I was pingponging between "kicking ass" and "getting my ass kicked." With only my final game being against someone who was about as good at me (I ended up losing that one, but oh well).

    Painting probably won't be an issue. - 3 colours and based is about that. Heck, in that tournament I went to, there was an 'ultramarines space wolves' army, which was an ultramarines army with blobs of grey on their shoulderpads.

    Trays are REALLY REALLY convenient. Don't underestimate their awesomeness. And they help with your play speed too.

    Finally, I'd say, don't even bother trying to compete with people who are fielding 2-3+ flyers. Just accept you're going to get your ass kicked in that game and have fun instead!

  2. Fantastic advice Al. I expect flyers to be quite popular with Guard armies as the are very cheap. I think I need to get a few more games in with guard to really test my metal against them.