Thursday, 17 January 2013

FAQs and Errata January Update

Well today Games Workshop released a new set of FAQ's and Errata. Some armies have only one or two changes, Dark Eldar has the most. Below I have included the links to the FAQ and Errata's on the Games Workshop Website. 

'FAQ's and Errata'

Forge World have also released the first of their updates, just follow the link to get there. They have only added the Zone Mortalis Expansion rules but according to Forge World they will be releasing further updates very soon.


This latest update has really given me a lot more faith in Games Workshop. The hobby used to go for extremely long periods of time without any updates. But after my conversations with GW staff at the Games Day UK 2012 with the White Dwarf team telling everyone that the site would be updated more often, it looks like they are keeping to their word.

Hopefully the armies will get better for the right reasons and not to overpowering. and in case any of you have a question that you would like answered in future FAQ's click the link below to contact them.


Happy gaming everyone.

~ To question your master is to betray the Emperor ~

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