Thursday, 3 January 2013

Painting Points System

Painting Points System

Over the length of time I have been gaming, modelling and painting, I very often hit a wall. I get to a point where I just cannot find the motivation to do any painting. I really enjoy putting models together and quite a lot of the time find myself getting the magnets out or just doing subtle conversions to make the model a little different from the norm. Painting a small single model is fine, and if I am in the mood, painting a whole unit can be enjoyable. But facing something like 12 Kroot, that's when I hit the wall! I have had them for nearly two years and not really interested in painting them, but I have to because I want every model in my collection to be painted.

I often find most (not all) but most people I play only have around 10% or their army painted, usually the HQ or the latest model will be complete, but even then, they are generally not based. Now when I play a game against a 100% painted and based army, it just makes it all the better. Too long have I walked the unpainted mini path and I want to change. My goal is to not field a unit until it is painted a based, so grabbing inspiration from others I will adopt the Painting Points System (PPS) as outlined below.


The idea is simple, every model painted will earn a certain amount of points as detailed below.

Basic Points:
  • 25mm base = 1 point
  • 40mm base = 2 points
  • 60mm base = 5 points
  • Monstrous Creature = 10 points
  • Small Vehicle = 15 points
  • Large Vehicle = 20 points
  • Terrain Feature = 10 - 20 points
  • Superheavy = 40 points

Bonus Points:
  • Character + 2 points
  • Extra Options + 0.5 per option
  • Based Model + 0.5 point per model
  • New Technique Attempted + 5 Points (one time bonus)
  • Transfers / Unit Markings + 1 point per unit
  • Weathering (Battle Damage) + 1 point per unit
  • Weathering (Dirt and Grime) + 1 point per unit
  • Completed Unit + 2 points per unit
So this is my Painting Points System (PPS), To really get me motivated every point will be turn into £1 to go into my hobby fund, this means that I will also need to make some scratch built terrain and scenery to make up the points. Apart from birthday presents or extreme saving this will be my only source of revenue to buy more models with.

Example I
A completed unit of 5 Space Marines that have been based and transfers added would earn 10.5 points giving me £10.50 for my hobby fund. Obviously this is great but to purchase something better I would need to make a small piece of terrain / scenery to give me an extra 10 points totalling to £20.50.
Example II

Those 12 Kroot I mentioned earlier that having been hanging around, if painted and based would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.
Example III
A completed Razorback with Transfers  and both types of Weathering would earn 20 points adding £20.00 to the hobby fund.

I will add a PPS Total at the end of every post where I have completed a unit and I will also add  an ongoing Painting Points Total and hobby fund to the site to help my motivation and let you all know how I'm doing.

~ When the High Lords of Terra call the Imperial Tithe will be paid ~

Credit to 'Lone Pilgrim' and 'Iron Legion' for the initial idea


  1. Such a great idea! I tend buy way more than I can ever paint and since going cold turkey will not work I am going to try out you system.

    1. I agree. Indeed I have purchased way more than I have painted. By using this system it has encouraged me to paint a lot more and the quality is now improving. The end goal is to buy a model, paint it, create some scratch built scenery, then with the accumulated points, buy some more.

      Good luck with using the system and let me know how you've done.

  2. I have to say I like this system so I may have to *cough* borrow *cough* it for myself. Given my current painting speed though it'll probably take me 6 months to earn enough for a new colour lol

    1. Borrow away my friend and good luck saving for you're new colour lol. I know how you feel.

  3. Well done. I plan to utilize this system for 2014. Thank you for the thought you put into this.

    1. No worries. I have slowed down on the painting front, but I have a couple of projects lined up for the holiday period, hopefully I should be able to make a few more purchases with the points. Good luck for 2014.

  4. Good points system to track what you've done! May have to take this onboard. Thanks

  5. Would Converting not be worth Extra points? or is that just the addiction speaking? ;)