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Battle Report: Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard

Grey Knights
Imperial Guard

The Imperial Guard have garrisoned themselves in a quiet, rural area of an Imperial World. In the aftermath of Dreadhaven Vally unbeknown to them, the Grey Knights of the 4th Brotherhood have come to purge them because they were there and they saw the Grey Knights on the desert world of Turambar! The aftermath of said battle saw this small contingent of Imperial Guard make escape and start to reform their forces. The 4th Brotherhood have made planet fall, and with dawn closing commence the purgation! The Imperial Guard will be cleansed?

The Armies

Grey Knights: 4th Brotherhood - 1500pts (Dale)

Grand Master Valius (Warlord)

5 Terminators with Psycannon
5 man Grey knight Strike Squad
Razorback with Lascannon
5 man Grey knight Strike Squad
Razorback with Lascannon

5 man Interceptor Squad Psycannon
5 man Interceptor Squad Psycannon

Heavy Support
Nemesis Dread Knight, Incinerator, Greatsword, Personal Teleporter

Imperial Guard - The Remnants - 1500pts (Al)

Company Command Squad: Lascannon, Master of Ordinance, Camoflauge,

Guardsman Marbo

5 man Platoon Command Squad - 4 flamers, in Chimera/heavy flamer

2 Infantry Squads - Autocannon, Grenade Launcher
2 Infantry Squads - Autocannon, Meltagun

10 man Veteran Squad - 3 melta guns
10 man Veteran Squad - 3 plasma guns, in Chimera/multilaser

Fast Attack
Valkyrie Carrier - Rocket pods, multilaser
Vendetta Gunship - 3 twin lascannons

Heavy Support
Leman Russ - Battle Cannon, Lascannon

Aegis Defence Lines - Icarus Lascannon

The Mission & Battlefield Set Up

I won the roll off and rolled for the Crusade Mission and Vanguard Deployment. We set up terrain for a cinematic feel. Five Objectives were placed, one in each corner, two central on my side of the board and on on Al's side of the board.

My Warlord Trait was Personal Traits - Immovable Object and Al rolled Command Traits - Target Priority. Night fighting was in effect for the 1st turn. I also roll for my Grand Masters Grand Strategy making one Interceptor Squad a Scoring Unit.


Al won the roll off and chose to go Second. I Deployed the Dreadknight on the left flank in the hope of teleporting into the heart of the enemy and positioned the other units to take the other objectives. I figured the Imperial Guard might attempt a gun line giving the Grey knight more manoeuvrability.  Facing a Valkyrie, Vendetta and Quad-gun, I decided not to embark anyone in the Stormraven as I figured it may go down quite quick. Al set up a gun line as I thought but placed two Chimeras with I think Veterans inside to his left flank and deployed a unit in the woods just in front of the Defence line.

Grey Knight Deployment

Imperial Guard Deployment

Turn I

Grey Knights: Al attempted to seize the initiative but failed.
As per my initial battle plan, I jumped the scoring Interceptor unit over to the far left objective by the bunker (Mystery Objective +1 to cover saves).
Due to night fighting the razorbacks failed to destroy any vehicles.
The Grand Master and Terminators moved towards the centre objective, figuring they would take the brunt of Al's fire they would last a little longer.
Strike Squad II claimed my home objective while Strike Squad I headed out to the objective on my right flank.
The Dreadknight shunted towards the enemy deployment zone incinerating a unit and they proceeded to run 12".

Imperial Guard: Al's Guardsmen failed to rally and ran a further 7" in front of the Manticore.

Orders were sent to bring down the Dreadknight but the Dreadknight stood firm.
The Manticore started to lay down it's barrage of fire.
The Plasma gun Veterans let loose a few shots from their Chimera transports at the Grand Master and Terminators, who then proceeded to (cough) Tactically withdraw a few inches before the Grand Master decided to stop running.

Turn II

Grey Knights: Rolled for reserves and the Stormraven did not arrive (thank the throne).
I forgot to move the Dreadknight (will never make that mistake again) but he did flame two units so not a total waste.
Cleared the unit in the woods out (1st Blood).
Multilaser was taken off the far right Chimera.
All in all a very disappointing turn (must be due to the Daemon taint lol)

Imperial Guard: Morbo is still in reserve but the Vendetta and Valkyrie are on.
Manticore placed a barrage down on the Grand Master and Terminators taking out another Terminator.
Razorback II was wrecked by Lascannon and Multilaser Fire.
Fire was directed at the Dreadknight again but was ineffective only taking one wound.
Razorback I was immobilised.

Turn III

Grey Knights: Stormraven arrived from reserve and took out the Vendetta and remove a hull point from the Valkyrie.
Dreadknight moved this time and incinerated nearly an entire unit behind the Aegis Defence line, then proceeded to obliterate the Leman Russ.
Not much else happened for the 4th Brotherhood.

Imperial Guard: The entire Terminator unit was killed off by Marbo arriving and throwing a demolition charge putting the Grand Master down to 1 wound.
Dreadknight finally died through Meltagun fire from the disembarked Veteran unit.
The advancing Interceptor Squad is down to only two Grey Knights and regrouped on the Razorback Wreck.

Turn IV

Grey Knights: Grand Master ripped off Marbo's arm and beat him with the soggy end finishing him off.
Meltagun Veterans have run due to incoming fire.
Some manoeuvring was also achieved for better positioning.
Strike Squad I claimed the far right objective.

Imperial Guard: Veteran regrouped and embarked into the Valkyrie which proceeded to fly over to Strike Squad II on my home Objective, killing only one Grey Knight.
The Stormraven did take a lot of fire before crashing gloriously into the ground.
The Plasma gun Veteran in the far right Chimera headed for the right flank objective but the Chimera crashed into the rocks on the hill and had to hoof it on foot, but could not reach it to contest.

Battle Analysis

Grey Knight Victory: 5 Victory points to 2

Grey Knights: (Dale) "If the game had gone for another turn, I think Al would have been able to take everything out and tabled me (maybe). A great game and my first against a Guard army. I think I underestimated the Veterans and I should have had a different game plan for the Terminators. Oh, and I will never forget to move the Dreadknight again, that was a game changer!"

Imperial Guard: (Al) "We both pretty much ended up with one objective each that neither of us could touch at the end of the day and the orders worked very well. The Terminators were cut down nicely buy the plasma guns. Good game."

~ You are either for the Emperor or you are bitter foe ~

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