Saturday, 16 February 2013

FAQs and ERRATA February Update

Games Workshop have today release new FAQs and ERRATA Updates, this coincides with the new 'Death From The Skies' Compendium (follow the link). It is worth reading these FAQs because it has effected from what I an see all fliers.

Also Codex Space Marine and Black Templar armies can now take Stormraven Gunships, which from a business perspective is a good move for Games Workshop. I expect to see lots of Stormravens in Space Marine armies very soon. Bring on the Quad Gun!

Anyway, follow the link below and check out all the new updates. I do believe I will be purchasing this new compendium not only so I have a copy of all the up to date rules but also for the new mission in it as well.


It will also be interesting to see if Forge World also bring out an new flyer book or hopefully just an update to bring all their models up to date. We will see!

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