Thursday, 14 March 2013

Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun

Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun

Here is my first completed Fortification, the Aegis Defence Line. The Defence Line offers you guaranteed terrain to set up behind, as well as the option of comms or gun emplacement. I have only ever used the Quad Gun with the Aegis Defence line as I find I miss quite a bit with powerful single shot weapons such as the Icarus Lascannon. Being able to set up a 28" long barrier in your deployment zone is very good for keeping those home based objectives secure.

In recent games I have moved away from using my Stormraven, mainly because I am trying out my tournament list and due to the unusual composition, I cannot spare the points to fit it in. Nor can I find the optimal use for it, hence the inclusion of the Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun. With the Interceptor special rule I have a good chance of knocking at least one flier out of the air the moment it arrives and gives me that little bit of anti-air support.

Although that paint scheme is quite simple, it still took quite a while to paint, but the final result I believe is quite good. One of the things I wanted to achieve was to give it a colour scheme that would be appropriate to use with any army and look like it is deployed first and collected last on a battlefield. I normally have the Aquila on things painted gold, but I saw this done in white on another blog and found it quite pleasing to the eye. The whole thing was washed to make it look aged and battle worn.

I decided to add a very small amount of colour to the rear of the Defence Lines, by painting what I think are the controls for the firing slit shutters. Green to power on, Red to power off and the Blue is for shutter up / down action. Well that's my own interpretation anyway.

The quad gun is an awesome looking weapon and to be honest, also you can't really miss with it! The base of the emplacement I have painted the same as the Defence lines to keep the theme and the gun it's self has been given a basic look with only the skulls gold and the targeting lenses red. The controls on the rear are similar with Green to power on, Red to power off, Blue for manual control and Orange for automated. Altogether a nice piece of Fortification. I will be soon painting up my Imperial Bastion I got from ebay in the same way which will in turn give me all the weapon options.

The last couple of aerial shots really show the size of an enclosed Defence line.

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  1. You have put some effort into this, well done.

  2. Thanks, I did not realise when I started how long it would take. I will soon be painting an Imperial Bastion in the same way.

    Thank you for the positive comments!

  3. Nice paint job. Love your attention to detail and background for pics. They look very professional. I've added your blog on my blogroll.

  4. Nice job! Looks similar to one I did but yours is more neutral than mine - might have to alter my one to fit with more armies !

    1. Thank you, I knew from the start I wanted it to go with any army, so I searched around for a universal colour schemes and came up with this.