Thursday, 7 March 2013

Grey Knight Strike Squad I

Grey Knight Strike Squad I of the 4th Brotherhood

This was the first Grey Knight Strike Squad I built. Again they have a standard load out with the addition of a Psycannon for protection against armour. Keeping these guys cheap in points was the main idea and now serve as my home objective keepers. Positioned behind cover correctly gives them a high survival rate and being Grey Knight are a deterrent in themselves for any assaulting unit.

I painting the unit up last year using the old paints and so I imagine they will differ slightly in colour to newer models. Being as they were painted so long ago they will not contribute to my painting points for this year. They do have a Razorback to accompany the squad, but will only be deployed in higher point games.

I was unsure at first whether to add a Nemesis Daemon Hammer to the unit, but after careful consideration and really thinking about there roll in my army, I have concluded that they are better off with just the Heavy Weapon, after all to make the Daemon Hammer truly effective I would have to give it to my Justicar and unfortunately for me, he does seem to fail his Psychic tests often.

Without further rambling here are the Grey Knights of Strike Squad I.

So that is Strike Squad I in all their glory. Their Dedicated Transport will be posted soon.

~ When the Ruinous Powers are dying, their last thought will be of us ~


  1. Excellent Grey Knights. Detail is sharp. Great work.

    1. Thank you for the complement, I am getting the hang of painting them now after trying out quite a few different techniques. Better versions to come.