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Grey Knights - 4th Brotherhood - Strike Force Nexus

Grey Knights - 4th Brotherhood - Strike Force Nexus

We are the hammer; I am the right hand of the Emperor, the instrument of His will, the gauntlet about His fist, the tip of His spear, the edge of His sword.

Dark times are closing on the Imperium. The Ruinous Powers are increasing their presence in the material realm, disgorging from the Warp at every chance and sowing the seeds of Chaos. The Imperium's response to this great threat, are the Grey Knights of Titan, designated Chapter 666 and created in utmost secrecy with the purist of geneseed derived from the Emperor Himself during the Horus Heresy for one purpose. The defence of mankind from the archenemy! They are the Emperors chosen and stand apart in the never ending war against evil.

Strike Force Nexus is only but a small contingent of the Grey Knights 4th Brotherhood. Established by Grand Master Valius and the Ordo Malleus Inquisitor Quartermain, the Strike Force has been deployed to the Ostrius System on the Eastern Fringe as guided by the Prognosticars on Titan, to investigate the arrival of the anomaly known as the Nexus Worm Hole and the encroaching threat of Chaos.

Armed with the most potent weaponry and travelling aboard one of the fastest Strike Cruisers available in Grey Knights Fleet, they are able to strike hard and fast into the maelstrom of Hell and have translated into the system undetected to ascertain the current situation.

Within hours of the Grey Knights arrival, reports of Zenos activity are acknowledged and to complicate matters further, the Eldar have been found consorting with a small battle force of Salamander Space Marines. With unerring precision, a surgical strike was made by Strike Force Nexus, with a short lived battled the Eldar and Salamander alliance was no more. Reasons for why these two enemies would collaborate are yet unfounded.

Surveillance and Astropath communication of the highest priority have revealed that the system is indeed troubled of late, and since the haphazard arrival of the Worm Hole, unrest has ensued across the worlds as fighting breaks out. Other sources have rumoured that the Tau are somewhere in the system but their location is undetermined at present and indicates that the trailing end of the anomaly is not selective of its prey or destination.

Upon departure from Titan the Prognosticars warned of a great threat but could not determine on the origin, so Grand Master Valius and Inquisitor Quartermaine decided to bring along the strongest arsenal they could muster in the short time they were given, and not only brought along a pack of Nemesis Dreadknights to aid the force, but also the terrifying might of Canis Nex. Who knows what Ruinous Power could expunge from the Nexus Worm Hole next, and if Daemon and Chaos are delivered unto the Ostrius System, then the 4th Brotherhood will be waiting.

~ I fear nothing, but you Will fear me ~

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