Thursday, 28 March 2013

Red Scorpions Stormtalon Gunship

Red Scorpions Stormtalon Gunship

I love this model, it was fun to build and I really enjoyed painting it too. My chosen colour scheme is in the livery of the Red Scorpions Space Marine Chapter. Apart from the fact I love the name, colours, army composition and the fluff that goes with it, I am also a Scorpio birth sign, so it just kind of all fell into place. This is my first completed Red Scorpions model and I have a few more units built and ready to be painted in the very near future.

Not only was this my first Space Marine Chapter model, but also the first time I have mixed my own paints up in a batch. It was quite simple, just 2:1 Abaddon Black and Mechanicus Standard Grey with a tiny bit of water mixed together in a sealed mini jam jar. I realised very quickly that I would have trouble matching the grey if I was to mix little quantities at a time, so hopefully this should create a even colour across the entire army.

As you can see, I have picked out certain areas with the Red Scorpions trade mark mustard Yellow using Averland Sunset. I have used the new paints so there should not be any colour alteration throughout the army. It was hard to resist not adding more yellow but I thought that less would be more. The mustard yellow really stands out against the Charcoal, giving it a vibrant finish.

I added some Red Scorpions transfers from Forge World to inject the model with a little character and finish off the Red Scorpions theme.

Even from the rear you can still see the Red Scorpions Icons, also the yellow on the wings and tail tips frame it beautifully. You can't see it that well in the photo, but the Cog of the Mechanicum has been painted on the belly and another Red Scorpion transfer added to the underside.

I made sure that the Chapter Icons lined up on both sides so they don't look out of place. The way the model is built and posed really gives it that "in flight" feel and the profile is very appealing.

After careful consideration, I figured I would equip the Stormtalon with the Skyhammer Missile Launcher. For the role I have in mind it is not a tank hunter so armed this way makes sense. However this did not stop me from making sure all the other options were available for it.

Typhoon Missile Launcher, Frag and Krak as standard.

Twin linked Lascannon, now this would be used for tank hunting.

Twin linked Heavy Bolter. Not sure if I would ever use these, but they are available just in case.

On the underside of the wings I added two halves of a Lighting Aquila (that's what I call it). I love the idea that when it slows down and goes into hover mode, the thrusters are turned and the Aquila is shown to the enemy. It also added a little extra to the underside on the model.

I added a few more transfers to the top of the model, an assault unit marking and a number 4 indicating the Stormtalon is from the 4th Company. I guessed that I would be looking at it's rear for most of the time, so I added a cool looking Red Scorpions Aquila to the tail fin. I think this really adds that little touch.

I decided to push myself and my painting skills with this model, so I added some battle damage over the entire Stormtalon. I was careful to only add damage to the front and corner angles as I figured that would take the brunt of the damage. I did not add to much, for one I wanted to bring out a little of the Red Scorpion background, having Purity in their colours, so I wanted the paint scheme to be more visible than the weathering. And secondly, this was my first battle damage attempt and I did not want to ruin the model.

I made sure I paid as much attention to the inside as I did the out, so the cockpit was also fully painting will all the controls and screens detailed. Adding the "Strength" transfer and paying attention to the cluster of sensors and optics at the front, draws your eye to the nose of the model where most of the battle damage can be found. Giving a quick gloss varnish to the lenses makes them shine a little.

The Techmarine pilot was no exception. He was painted in the usual red Techmarine colour but with the Red Scorpions iconic Black and mustard yellow shoulder pads. I also swapped the head out for a MKIV helmet to really add to the Red Scorpions look. This was also my first attempt as Object Source Lighting (OSL) on the eyes. The blue is a striking contrast to the red of the armour. Overall I am really pleased.

Here you can see the model posed as if it is just about to hit hover mode and unleash it's volatile weaponry upon the unsuspecting foe.

The base was not left out and has also been completed to match my other armies. From above the Stormtalon look great, Death from the Skies is quite fitting I think.

Well that's it, I hope you like the model as much as I do. I am so please with the outcome and I am looking forward to starting my other Red Scorpion units. This just goes to show that with a little time and patience, even the amateur painter can achieve brilliant results. This did take me about 12 hours all together to paint, over the course of about six nights, but persevering got me what I wanted.

Not sure why, but for a little fun I held it up to the sky, took a photo and the removed the stand on the computer. I think it looks quite realistic and if I saw it coming I would scream like a girl lol.

PPS - 31

~ When you feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up, it is already too late ~


  1. That is one nice flyer! A good first shot at battle damage too. A few tips for next time: It seems a bit regular. Try to be a bit more random with the size of the chips - a small sponge like you find in blister packs would help with that. Also, a fine highlight at the bottom edge of some of the chips would give them more depth. Remember too that they don't all have to go right down to metal, some will just be paint chipped off. Any way you cut it battle damage is one of the hardest things to pull off so good on you for taking the plunge! PS- I love the pic at the end - it looks pretty damn real from that perspective ;)

    1. Thank you for your comments and for the fantastic advice. I will endeavour to apply these to my next vehicle. I do have some small sponges but I must admit, I was a little worried about doing it that way, and looking at the model now, I agree it is a little regular.

      I plan on doing a Red Scorpions Drop Pod soon, so that will give me the excuse to go a little crazier on the damage and I will try your suggestions out.

      Thanks again, comments and advice are most welcome.