Thursday, 21 March 2013

Tau Hammerhead Gunship

Tau Hammerhead Gunship

The Hammerhead Gunship with Railgun. Be afraid, be very afraid! I love fielding this tank, even though every time I use it I constantly roll 1's to hit with it's single shot, I still take it in my army due to the threatening persona it has on the battlefield. Armed with one of the most powerful weapons in the 40k universe, what's not to love.

I have had this model for a very long time, I would even say over two years. For some reason I lost interest in painting my Tau and it kind of got forgotten about. However, thanks to the painting Point System this has been rectified. I think it was all the line painting I need to do just put me off. However I have now finished it and it looks pretty good I think.

Adding the Dal'yth Sept symbols to the side hatches ties it in with the rest of my army. I have also added some vehicle markings as well. I will say that painting sept markings are not my strong point but from a distance it looks OK.

Again large Sept symbol on the rear hatch.

And the view from the other side.

I added a small symbol to the commander cupola and I'm not sure why, but I also added a bonding knife transfer to the main gun it's self. I think that this was in the hope of helping it to actually hit something, or at least stay away from those 1's.

I love the profile of this tank, it really give the sense of speed and shaped so that projectiles will just glance off of it. I opted to have the Smart Missile system instead of Gun Drones or Burst cannons, the idea behind this is due to not needing to have line of sight I can effectively still keep it well hidden while taking out troops getting to close.

PPS - 23.5

~ The Strength of your force may be calculated by multiplying it's weight and velocity. Strive always to maximize both and Victory shall be yours ~


  1. great paint job, I like the work you put into it. All the highlights ... fantastic! =)

    1. Thanks for the comliment. Now I have finished it I cannot understand why I left it so long. Really pleased with the outcome.

    2. I know what you mean, I've got the same problem with my ork wagon ... can't be bothered to finish it atm.

      tbh i think that you just helped me in my decision ... to buy some Tau. I've always liked the look of the firewarriors and their sleek tanks, now I am getting some =)

    3. And with the new Tau Codex and Models coming out next month, it's a good time to start.