Thursday, 25 April 2013

Universal Objective Markers

Universal Objective Markers

Being as most games are now objective based, I wanted to create some objective markers. This is simply because I don't like the Games Workshop dice or want to buy any and I believe the gaming table looks better with modelled objectives on rather than a dice carrying servo skull. I do want to make some themed objective markers to go with specific armies, but I have not yet got around to getting the materials that I require. So here are the Universal Objective Markers with a little tutorial on how I created them.

They were very simple to make and can be used by any army, which was the whole point of these universal part. They are even numbered to coincide with the Eternal War Mission: The Scouring.

Stage I

First off, get hold of six 25mm bases or your desired size.

Stage II

Get hold of six Oil / Fuel drums. I got these really cheap from ebay but can otherwise be purchased from Games Workshop 'Here'.

Stage III

Glue the Oil drums to the bases; make sure you get them the right way around so they are universal.

Stage IV

Paint your Objective Markers whatever colour you like. I have gone for an industrial kind of look, but it is really down to your own taste.

Stage V

Your now almost done. I finished off the Objective Markers by numbering each one using spare Space marine Vehicle Transfers. This is so they can be used for The Scouring Mission. They are numbered as per below

1 - Number One
2 - Number Two's
2 - Number Three's
1 - Number Four

This will give you the numbers required. After that, add a little damage and chips to them completing the look.

Stage VI

Base you Objective Markers. I have chosen to base them the same as my other armies, just so that universal them continues. You can read how I base them 'Here' or by heading over the 'The Forge' page.


That's it, you're done. A complete set of Universal Objective markers. For setting them up in the Scouring Mission, just turn them upside down so the numbers are hidden then shuffle them around. This will keep the number hidden until it is time to reveal them.

They are really easy to make and still look good on the battlefield  As to what's contained in them and why you would be fighting for them, well that's entirely up to you. How about they contain liquid used in the Life Eater Virus, or fuel that you need to keep from the enemy. Let your imagination go wild.

PPS - 12

~ Success is measured in Blood; Yours or your enemy's ~


  1. I like 'em. Looking good. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks. I let a couple of friends use them for a few weeks and they really enjoyed using them.

  2. Good but I don't imagine neither eldar or the dark kin fighting over some barrels ;) But still, they look nice :)

    1. Good point, but in most tactical battles, objectives are not only those that are essential to you're own force, but many objectives are to deny you're enemy of their objectives. So whilst they are not very useful to the Eldar, both light and dark, they may however want to stop them falling into the enemies hands. Very valued opinion though.

      Thank you for the compliment as well, much appreciated :)

  3. Cool Idea, nicely executed.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks Malthus. I do plan on making some themed ones very soon. I'm glad you like them.

  4. Dale, those are f'ing awesome! Kudos in the great job making objective markers. Love the utility.

    1. Thank you. It took a while to get around to it but I am please with the end result. Thanks again.