Thursday, 30 May 2013

Universal Vehicle Damage Markers Repost

Universal Vehicle Damage Markers

With these markers being so popular with other gamers, I thought I would repost the free downloads for more to enjoy. If other game system players would like different versions of these markers, please feel free to contact me for requests.

I will soon be creating apocalypse markers and vehicle destroyed templates for most vehicles that are free to download and use as these are an essential tool that is need for our game!.

With the 6th Edition Resin dice slowly becoming unavailable from Games Workshop and the fact that I personally don't like those dice anyway, I decided to make my own Vehicle Markers. For a long time all I ever used was spare dice, but I still had to keep looking at the rule book to see what the number represented and they got mixed up a few times. I also got hold of some different markers that other people created and used them for a while, but I wanted to create my own, so I did.

At the end of this post you will find a link to download these markers as PDF's along with some simple instructions to get a really effective end product.

Below are some pictures of the Marker Sheets, you could print these off if you really wanted to, but they are at the correct scale and of a higher quality in the PDF's linked below

Universal Vehicle Damage & Hull Point Markers

This Marker set comprises of the following:
  • Crew Shaken
  • Crew Stunned
  • Weapon Destroyed
  • Immobilised
  • Wrecked
  • Hull Point Counters (1 - 4)
  • Smoke
These represent the basic markers needed for most vehicles in Warhammer 40k, including a smoke marker. For a wrecked vehicle, most people dismantle or turn the vehicle upside down, but the Wrecked marker is handy for those who have put a lot of love into the painting and don't want it scratched.

I have not included the Exploded result as I intend to make some specific crater markers for those, which I will share for free when completed

Universal Vehicle Speed & Flyer Markers

This Marker set comprises of the following:
  • Zoom Mode
  • Hover Mode
  • Flat Out
  • Cruising Speed
  • Combat Speed
  • Locked Velocity
  • Hull Point / Missile Counters (1 - 4)
  • Evade
These markers cover ground vehicle and flyers speeds, it also included a Missile marker that you can use the Hull Point counters placed on the targeting reticles, to keep track of how many missile / rockets you have launched. It also has the much needed Evade marker, essential for keeping track of what you're or you're opponents flyer is doing.

The great thing about the Hull Point markers is that you can also use them as wound counters. it also saves getting you dice mixed up on the board.

Below are some photos of the marker in use, so you can get an idea of the scale.

The two PDF downloads can be found below:

'Universal Vehicle Damage & Hull Point Markers

How to make them
  1. Print them out using colour ink.
  2. Glue them onto 2mm thick / mounting card (can be found at you're local craft store).
  3. Cut them out with a sharp knife (WARNING, be careful knives are sharp).
  4. for the best result cut out another set and glue them to the reverse side.

Hope you enjoy and make use of them as much as I have, all I ask is for you to point other people to the blog to get hold of their own.

~ For the Emperor ~


  1. Did a link to your downloads on my blog. I do markers too but it always helps for folk to have alternative options. Hope it helps drive some traffic your way, good luck with the blog.

    1. Thank you very much, I am extremely grateful. In my last post HERE I did a link to you're vehicle damage markers as I had been using them for some time. Thank you for the link back.

      I must say I get a lot of inspiration from you're blog.

      I will also take the opportunity to thank you for the Free Radical Collective. Great work!

    2. Thanks Dale, I saw that afterwards and obviously was able to make the connection between your authoring of the blog and the comments you've made on mine. With a number of high profile bloggers going 'off grid' it's great to see new ideas and input into the community. Keep up the good work.