Thursday, 6 June 2013

Raven Guard Assault Squad 2

Raven Guard Assault Squad 2

"From the darkness we strike: fast and lethal, and by the time our foes can react... darkness there and nothing more."

In this post I will be sharing a friends Raven Guard army, this is the first of quite a few posts on his beloved Raven Guard, each post will share another of his fantastic units. The first being this Assault Squad. I thought I would do a short interview with him to find out more behind his army and thoughts.

Me: "What inspired you to start a Raven Guard army?"

Kurt: "I have always played Marines since before time immemorial. I was drawn to Raven Guard as I am a huge fan of the fluff behind the whole game and the Raven Guard fluff about them being a covert, independent army, who almost do their own thing rather than follow the direct chain of command appealed to me. Also the prehistory (Grate Crusade and Heresy) is very characterful."

Me: "Does the fluff side of the Chapter have an influence on what models you collect?"

Kurt: "You could say that, I have quite a vast collection of Marines now (as you would expect for someone playing since 2nd ed) and while I do have the usual Rhinos, Razorbacks and Landraiders, most of my armies comprise of scouts and assault Marines with Drop pods and flyer support, to get that sneaky sneaky covert feel that calls down thunder when needed."

Me: " What is you're favourite unit in the army and why?"

Kurt: "I am quite fond of my drop Pod Sternguard suicide unit. Combi-plasma death on turn one, even Dreadknights have to worry about that  Also my Stormtalon seems to always take big scalps almost every game."

Me: "And finally, how would you describe you're style of game play?"

Kurt: "My lists are always fluffyish, I am not a power gamer and enjoy the game whether I win or loose, as I play to enjoy the experience and have a laugh with my fellow gamers."

Me: "Thank you very much for giving us an insight into your Raven Guard and for share them on the site."

I hope you have enjoyed this post and more of Kurt's army will be posted soon.

~ Do not fail your Brothers. Though their bodies die, their spirit must return to the Chapter. That is your charge ~


  1. A very suitable backdrop for those pictures I feel, they look awesome like that.

    1. Thanks Kurt! I played around with a few different colour backdrops, and found that the Blue / Black colour worked best. It was very difficult taking a photo of a black model and the photos don't really do the models justice.

      I'm glad you like them though, you have some great models. and thank you for sharing them.