Thursday, 20 June 2013

Worcester War 2013: Tournament

Worcester War 2013

In a little over one week, I will be attending my first ever organised event at Worcester War 2013. This is being held in Worcester, England and arrange by the guys over at 'Code 40k', check out their blog for some great content. It is a single day event consisting of three 1500pt games and I will be attending with my brother and two friends from my local gaming club 'Cheltenham Warchiefs'.

I have been practising with my chosen army over the last month or so, and have finalised the list I am going to take. Now it is by far a 'Tournament Winning List', I wanted to play with the models I like and have a fun game, rather than going for the win. Obviously I will be playing to win at leased one game, but for me the whole experience and atmosphere is what I will be there for.

However, I don't want to just be walked over so this post is to basically get some advice from as many people as possible on playing at a tournament environment  Below are a few worries that I have and a few questions as well. If anyone would like to comment, please feel free!

Now obviously some of the people I will be playing do or may read my blog, so I am not going to mention what army I will be using or the list composition. I will however reiterate that this is not a Tournament winning list.

When I first knew I was going, I hit the internet straight away to find out what were the best lists to use for my army. I then proceeded to write a couple of lists that mirrored them but soon stopped.

The conclusion I came to was that I did not like these types of armies and some combination s would not be fun for my opponent to fight against, I have faced the all powerful 'You cant win' lists and for me, they are not fun to play against. They were also very different in they way they needed to be played and differed from my play style.

So this is why I went back to basics and wrote my own style of army list and included the units I wanted to take, even if they are clearly not that great. But they fit my army and are fun to use.

As I said, I would like to win at least one game but I have a few worries that I think need addressing.

  • Codex - I only own one of the new Codices and I am a little concerned that I don't know enough about the other new armies to properly combat them, Should I ask lots of questions of my opponent or just play and go with the it will be what it will be scenario?
  • Measuring - I normally let this slide in my games, however there are a lot of players that have the old elastic tape measure syndrome. In other words they measure 6" but finally end up moving 8". (The odd inch every now and then fine) But should I challenge this if it happens or just go with the flow. It can kind of spoil the game at times especially when I'm quite accurate myself?
  • Army List - OK, so what format should I present this in, it will be typed up with two copies but do I need to show all the points or just the base points?
  • Necrons - Does anyone have a good way of tackling these, to be honest  this is the army I really fear, I have never had a good experience?
  • Troops - Should these be the guys I hit first or take out the powerful units before them?
  • Style - This one is not really a worry more of a yes or no question. Should I just not worry about any of it, not have a game plan and just roll up and play, letting things run their course and play the way I like to?
So there it is, a small list but a list it is. Please feel free to advise me of the above, I'm sure there are other players out there with similar questions that you can answer.

I do intent to complete some mini battle reports on the three games I have if allowed, and I will post them up to let everyone know how I got on.

~ In war victory is one part planning and nine parts faith ~


  1. Hi Dale, Its a first on many levels. I can tell you there is a mixture of levels in abilities from people who have visited other events to people who have only played a few games of 6th edition.

    From my point of view as we are holding the event the most important thing is people have a good time.

    To answer some of your questions normally you show unit costs and upgrade costs on your lists it is certainly fairer that way.

    Crons are difficult and being a cron player for years my advice keep shooting a unit until its dead that stops the res rolls.

    Troops should always die in 6th in my opinion most of the time that helps win games.

    Style - dude just be yourself I will.

    Your always learn playing new people... When you play in stable group of players patterns emerge when you play new people is when you learn the most.

    Thats my two bit worth look forward to meeting you and see you there.


  2. Hi, I completely understand your worries, having attended my first tournament only half a year ago. To address your concerns:

    - Codex. While it is recommended that you at least read a codex before playing against it if you want to win, obviously this isn't always going to be possible. Yes ask lots of questions, but from experience I can tell you that if its your first time against a certain army or rule set you're not going to remember much especially in the excitement of it being your first tournament and all. I suggest that you at least know the general builds and themes and like key special rules beforehand, mostly by reading the Internet (which I assume you do anyway since you have a blog)

    - measuring. Same as with dice rolling I suggest that you try and "set an example". Ie measuring a distance and checking with your opponent if they agree that that's 6" and being very open

    - necrons - haven't played them yet so not really much advice on that. As a general rule of thumb, if its an objectives game and your opponent has a manageable amount of troops, try to kill the troops before your opponent has reduced your maximum killing power

    - game plan. I'd recommend with this being your first tournament that you just try and enjoy it. Some people like to write up and bring with them extensive game plans. Really just try to keep a cool head, concentrate on the game, think of a strategy at the beginning of the game and try to stick with it.

    Good luck! And I look forward to reading the batreps :)

  3. Hi Dale,
    I'm gonna be there, don't worry, everyone is friendly and it'll be easy going, i wouldn't even class it a tourney just a fun day of multiple games really :-)
    To also answer some of your questions bud -
    I'd say the same for both rules & measuring:-
    Mistakes will occur, unless its a real crucial moment or possibly game changing i'd just go with the flow. You can always find out afterwards and if they are pulling the wool over your eyes, they're really only cheating themselves ;-) Everyone will be happy to explain anything, as a new Daemon codex user, I will be explaining stuff no doubt!
    Necrons - Concentrate your fire, don't try and take on everything at once, be aware of ghost arcs with necrons onboard, they are deadly!
    Game plan wise - Just try and stay in the game & remember the mission is key, killing stuff is a bonus but most importantly have fun!
    Anyways, see you there
    Luko Dakka

  4. Thank you all for you're responses. I'm just gunna go with the flow and see where it takes me. Got a feeling I'm going to get crushed ha ha. But all in the name of fun.

    See you all there and thanks again for the comments.