Friday, 12 July 2013

Necrons: Imotekh & Royal Court.

Imotekh the Storm Lord & Royal Court

Welcome to the first post of my Necron Army. In case you were wondering I'm not Dale this is Mark his Brother; he has asked me to contribute to the blog so I thought I'd start with my Necron's even though Blood Angels are my main army.

I've been gaming now for 25ish years and I don't know about you, but apart from tournament play, I think I've met maybe 1% of gamers with fully completed army's. In all this time "I" personally have never played with one, so that was the driving force behind this army. It also didn't see the light of day until it was complete to get the "tadaaa" when I took it along to the gaming club.

So after deciding on the Necron's I got the codex and after reading through it a time or two, I got down to building the army list. My first choice was Imotekh; all of the characters are characterful pardon the pun, but what struck me was Imotekh's storm. I loved the idea of an Imperial Guard army hunkered down in trenches in the middle of the day when a sudden Storm rolls in and within minutes it's as black as night; then the lighting starts frying troops and electrifying tanks when suddenly the Necron's emerge out of the gloom with an eerie green glow then the dying starts.

So this is Imotekh. This was the first fine cast model I have painted, the detail is really nice but I was a bit concerned at how flexible some of the smaller parts were. I decided to go for the standard paint scheme for this army as I love the green glow, I also decided to do green edging on the whole army which took the longest time to complete.

The green edging on the cloak to soooo long to do but I really like the final effect.

My Royal Court consists of two Lords and two Cryptecks. The Lords go with the Warrior units, the blue Crypteck of the storm goes with the lychguard, Imotekh and the red Crypteck of Destruction go with the Immortals.

Even though I went for red and blue to differentiate the Cryptecks being different Harbingers I stuck with the green edging to keep the theme going and I think the flashes of colour look good in the game.

Many of you will pick up on the fact they are not based yet; I'm currently stuck on deciding how to base them at this time, ideas are welcome. I will post a pic of the whole army once it is based.

Hope you like and may the dice be forever in your favour.

~ Why must your hatred of the living bend your mind so strongly? You were just like all other living race before you gave up the blessings of flesh for the curse of metal... ~


  1. They look great. I like Imotekh's base concept, where they're on a Necron tomb floor or something that is glowing - but it's definitely something that can be tough to make it look "done"

    1. Thx I like them. Yeah I've thought about making the bases so thay look like a necron tomb world but I need to work out how to do it lol

  2. Having seen this army in the flesh, well living metal :-), they look even more impressive than these pictures show. And I must say that they are a pain to fight against, sodding lightning storm and night fighting

    1. Agreed, and when the full army marches towards you and just won't die, it proves that painted models play better.

  3. The best bit was when your 10 strong assault squad with caracters bounced of my triarch stalker then started diying