Thursday, 25 July 2013

Necrons: Warriors, Imortals & Scarabs

 Necron Warriors

Welcome to the second post of my Necron army, just a short post this time. For those of you that have read the first post 'Imotekh & Royal Court' you will know the reason behind me collecting this army. Imotekh's Lord of the Storm special rule.

So below is my second choice for filling the Troops slot

Necron Immortals

Ok, having chosen my HQ choice I needed to pick the Troops, there is only 2 choices - Warriors and Immortals. The first pic shows the warriors that I have 20 of which I generally field as 2 units of 10 with a lord with orb in each unit making their get-up rolls better.

Then I picked a unit of 10 Immortals to be a shield for Imotekh and the Crypteck of Destruction, as you can see they follow the same paint scheme as Imotekh.

Necron scarabs

I have included the scarabs in this post because you get them with the warriors and Immortals and a post just on them would be short and boring lol.

The Entropic strike rule makes them devastating against armour so have to be included in any Necron army.

Hope you all like & may the dice be forever in your favour.

~ We ruled for countless millennia and we shall rule again ~

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