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Worcester War 2013: The Results

Worcester War 2013 - Grey Knight Army - 1500pts

Well Saturday 29th June 2013 was a fun day! Myself, my brother and two friends went to Worcester War 2013 organised by 'Code 40k'. It was a very fun and interesting day even though I didn't win the whole event, I had a great time and met some great people. As you can probably guess by the above picture, I played my Grey Knight army, 1500 points worth.

I don't have any bad news as I had a great time and Won one of my games, which was my goal for the event. I do have two pieces of good news though, the first being I won one of my games (yay me), the second, I didn't come last ha ha.

Any-ways, I was concentrating so much on the games, that I didn't take any photos of the matches, I can roughly remember how they went though, so below if a brief description about the three games I had for anyone interested.

So this is the army that I took to the event, not a very tournament orientated list and defiantly not a game winning one, but I found it is really fun to play.

Grey Knights of the 4th Brotherhood - 1500

Grand Master - 215
5 man Terminator Squad - 250
5 man Strike Squad - 110
5 man Strike Squad - 110
Razorback - 90
Stormraven - 205
Dreadknight - 260
Dreadknight - 260

These are not fully accurate reports as I was concentrating on the game rather than a report.

Game 1: Lost

Grey Knights vs Space Marines & Dark Angel Allies.

The Relic Mission, Vanguard Strike deployment.

Objectives - 1

Ops turn one: I lost the roll off so was going second. My opponent deep striked a lucius pattern drop pod with an Ironclad Dreadnought on board and also Belial with a terminator squad in the same location, night fighting was on so he could not shoot me with his thunderfire cannon and his troops moved towards the Relic. The Ironclad then blew up my Razorback and proceeded to charge one of my Strike Squads but luckily two survived to lock him in combat. He move towards the Relic with his Librarian and Tactical squad that also came on via Drop Pod.

My turn one: Both my Dreadknights jump over to Belial and terminators to start pounding them into the ground, unfortunately Belial refused my challenge that was instead fought with the Sergeant The other Strike Squad camped out in the area terrain and fired at the Tactical squad near the objective, but failed to do much. The Ironclad finished off the other strike Squad with ease.

Ops turn two: His Stormtalon came on as well as the other Drop Pods, the Thunderfire made a dent in my remaining Strike Squad and the Relic started to move away from me. The mash up with Belial and crew continued with one Terminator remaining (both Dreadknights locked in combat  argh) The Iron clad proceeded towards the other Strike Squad but they were taken out by a hail of Bolt rounds before it could get there.

My turn two: Stormraven and Grand Master with Terminator Squad both came on, Stormraven head out to tackle the Stormtalon while the Grand Master and Terminators dropped down near in the centre on the two tactical squads, Librarian and Thunderfire cannon. Probably not the best move, but I took out the Librarian and half the tactical squad. The Dreadknight's finished off the last Terminator and consolidated towards the centre, the Stormraven managed to get a locked velocity result on the Stormtalon and a single Mindstrike helped with taking out the Librarian.

Ops turn three: The Iron clad turned back around a made for one of the Dreadknight's, the few remaining Tactical Marines regrouped and headed back to the Relic, while the Thunderfire cannon and the other Tactical Squad fired all the could at the Grand Master and Terminators, resulting in them running a little bit with only the Grand Master and Sergeant remaining. then the Ironclad was turned to scrap metal when it decided to assault the Dreadknight. A lucky rending shot from the Stormtalon blew up my Stormraven. (typical)

My turn three: Both Dreadknight's shunted to the centre of the board, my Grand Master and Sergeant split up but both head for the Thunderfire cannon in the ruins. The Dreadknight's did some good with the Heavy Incinerators and the Grand Master killed the Techmarine controlling the Thunderfire Cannon.

Ops turn four: The Tactical Squad ignored the Dreadknight and killed the Grand Master while the other little squad captured the Relic again. The Stormtalon headed off the board into ongoing reserves.

My turn four: With only the Sergeant and two Dreadknight left with a would each, options were running out. The Sergeant valiantly shot a tried to assault the large Tactical Squad dying in the Process as well as the one Dreadknight closet, but did manage to incinerate a few though. The other Dreadknight Assaulted the Relic holding squad killing them off.

Ops turn five: The Stormtalon came back on and took another wound off of my Dreadknight and everything else shot at it but he managed to survive the hailstorm.

My turn five: Not knowing how many turns would be left or if this was indeed my last, I held onto the Relic and took out a few more marines.

Ops turn six: yes we continued into turn six! This is where it fell apart, the Tactical squad did not have any low Ap weapons so that was the reason I stayed with the Relic, but my opponent pulled a great move on me. Instead of zooming over me as he was in a locked velocity which would have made it  fly away, he switched to hover mode, ok yes that did make it immobilised  but he was able to fire everything at me, finishing off my last Dreadknight and tabled me.

The scores: My Opponent Had First Blood, Slay the Warlord while I had Slay the Warlord.

This was a great first game even though I lost and urged me to fight harder next time. There was a few after thoughts on this game that would have given it a different outcome.
  1. My opponent actually got the rules a little wrong and had his allied HQ as his Warlord, we only found out that he could not at the end of the event so nothing could be done. This tactically would have changed things as I would have jumped my Dreadknight's towards the Librarian first thing (the real Warlord) and left his hard hitting Dark Angels walking the length of the board. I think I could have even got a win from the game. But oh well, lesson learned for next time and no real harm done as it was a great cinematic game.
  2. If I had gone first I would have hopefully got off Warp Quake, forcing him to drop down at least 12" away and maybe even suffering a Deep Strike mishap.

Game 2: Drawn

Grey Knights vs Imperial Guard

Crusade Mission, Hammer and Anvil deployment.

Objectives - 3

Ops turn one: The Imperial Guard did a little manoeuvring and fired a few weapons at my Dreadknight taking off a couple of wounds, his Demolisher removed a hull point from the Razorback and stunned it.

My turn one: I jumped both Dreadknight's towards his Aegis Defence Line and Quad Gun, I needed to take it out before my Stormraven came on. They incinerated a hell of a lot of troops but failed to take out the Quad gun, The Razorback used Fortitude and proceeded to fire at the Demolisher but failing to penetrate.

Ops turn two: The Guard again manoeuvred a little and fired virtually everything at the Dreadknight's, but luckily they survived with one wound each. (few). the Demolisher turned towards the Dreadknight's but I made my invulnerable saves. 

My turn two: Thankfully my Stormraven did not come on this turn, especially with the quad gun still up and running, but my Strike Squad did, they only just stayed on the board after scattering though by an inch, they fired at some veterans but did not accomplish much, the Dreadknight's proceeded to wade into the Imperial Guard and Quad gun, the second one fail a four inch assault range (bum) and was left in the woods still. The Strike Squad on my home objective moved the Psycannon up into view and attempted to shoot the Hellhound thing, but failed on range just. The Razorback was hitting things fine but failing to penetrate.

Ops turn three: Ok, I lost a Dreadknight at last through a hailstorm of fire much to my opponents joy, leaving me with only one with a single wound but he managed to survive. I lost my Strike Squad in the open and the Heavy weapon Grey Knight from the other on my home objective. My opponent started to tighten the noose. Attrition fire was getting to me now.

My turn three: With the Quad gun still up and the Stormraven coming on, I decided to bring it on in hover mode and take out the Hellhound while keeping out of range of the Quad gun. My remaining Dreadknight took out the quad gun at last and killed the Warlord as well as burning a few more troops but not enough though, again the Razor back din't really perform but it did manage to take out the main weapon on the Demolisher. The Stormraven put the Hellhound out of action and that was it.

Ops Turn four: So basically he finished off my Dreadknight and consolidated all his troops towards the two objectives in his deployment zone.

My turn four: I zoomed forward at cruising speed and lined up on the Demolisher with the Stormraven and finally took it out.

Ops turn five: running out of time we agreed this would be the last turn. he basically deployed his troops and rounded his vehicles up to protect them, he had this game in the bag really, he fired all he could at the Stormraven but failed to take it down.

My turn five: what ever I did, I could not win, but then It hit me, if luck was with me (ha ha don't laugh) I could get a draw, I zoomed as far as I could into my opponent deployment zone and dropped my unit inside using Skies of Fury, they only scattered a few inched and survived. and that was it game over with me getting line breaker!

The scores: My Opponent Had two objectives at three points each while I had first blood, Slay the Warlord, line breaker and one objective at three points.

Another great game and my second game ever against Imperial Guard. I was way to protective over the Stormraven and occupants and I think that contributed towards not winning the game.

Game 3: Win

Grey Knight vs Necrons

Big Guns Never Tire mission, Dawn of war deployment.

Objectives - 5

So this was probably the one army I was dreading to face, and funnily enough, it was the event organisers army. Necron's... I hate Necron's!

My turn one: Night fighting was in effect which was pretty good luck, that gave me a little more survivability from the start. Both Strike Squads and the Razorback camped out on my two objectives, the Stormraven was loaded up with the Grand Master and Terminators and the two Dreadknight's deployed central then shunted to the weaker right flank, they together finished of a unit of Necron Warriors and a Lord.

Ops turn one: Noticing that his flank was crumbling, the central part of the army shifted towards the Dreadknight's to dish out some pain, but lucky for me both Dreadknight's survived. His left flank including destroyers proceeded to advance across the field.

My turn two: With the initial boost of confidence, I took on board what my brother told me on how to deal with Necron's and proceeded to jump and assault his Annihilation Barge and Ghost Ark, The Barge went boom but I failed the charge roll for the Ark. The Strike Squads moved into the Craters by their objectives.

Ops turn two: His flayed ones came on outflanking on the left, thankfully the Dreadknight's were moving away from that corner so I was not too concerned. His Triarch  Stalker scored a hit on one of the Dreadknight meaning all other shot at it was twin-linked. Ha ha, he survived, his second Barge also attempted to kill it but failed. His Destroyers shot at one of my Strike Squads but they went to ground in the crater and survived.

My turn three: The Stormraven came on and zoomed across the board to take on the third Annihilation Barge and destroyed it, the Razorback kept firing at the Destroyers only taking one out. One Dreadknight Assaulted the Ghost Ark blowing it up while the other took on the Warlord and Immortals, the Warlord cowering from a challenge.

Ops turn three: I do believe the Flayed ones had forgotten to move, but he was the event organiser so I think he had quite a bit on his mind throughout the game. The Triarch Stalker assaulted the locked Dreadknight while the Destroyers shot at the Strike Squad again.

My turn four: My Grand Master and Terminators did another Skies of Fury and landed just outside the wood and fired at the Destroyers along with the Strike Squads finishing them off, the Stormraven finished off the last Barge and the Dreadknight not in combat jumped onto his objective and incinerated the remaining Warriors. The other Dreadknight split his attacks on the Stalker blowing it up and Killed another Immortal or two.

Ops Turn Four: Not much happened apart from the combat to which the Warlord was finally slain.

My turn five: I Was left in combat with two immortals and my Grand Master and Terminators were only a few inches away from another objective clearing off the Warriors camped on it. We called the game here as there was not much left for my Opponent to do.

The Scores: My opponent had no objectives while I scored First Blood, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker, Three heavy Choices and three objectives.

A really good game and it has helped me overcome my fear of Necron's a little. I do however feel that if my opponent was not running the event, things would have been a little different and he would have put up one hell of a fight. But as they say a win is a win and my only one of the day.

All in all, Worcester War 2013 was a great one day event and fun was had by all. I didn't Win but at least I didn't come at the bottom of the pile loosing every game, I came in at an undisclosed fourth in the painting comp and learnt a lot about the game in that type of environment. I'm looking forward to there next event.

Head over to 'Code 40k' for more on the day's proceedings, and also the scores.

My brother Mark had better luck and came second with his Blood Angels while Kurt won the sporting opponent prise. Al did very well but like me also cam away with nothing. A good result though for us Cheltenham Warchief lads.

That is it for now, keep rolling those 6's

~ Where there is War you will find by Blade ~


  1. It was Fun to read, but you should have won the First Game though m8. Locked velocity flyers can't change speed ...

    1. Interesting, I was always under the assumption that if a vehicle could switch to Hove Mode, and it had a locked Velocity it would have the same damage result in other words, Immobilised.

      I would be grateful if anyone could clarify this matter for me?

  2. Glad you enjoyed the event, I think you got me fair and square bud. Yes I was distracted but I have no experience fighting Grey Knights and there was not a lot in my army composition that would really hurt you. Well done and congrats on 4th in the painting competition.

    1. Thanks DOC, I'm looking forward to the next event. Different army, different play style I think.