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Book Review: Warriors of Ultramar

Warriors of Ultramar

This is book two in Graham McNeill's first Ultramarines Omnibus, and it is fantastic. I am really liking the authors writing style and cannot put his books down. This one follows on from book one 'Nightbringer', but you do not need to read that first to enjoy this novel. 

For any Space Marine / Tyranid / Battlefleet Gothic lover, I suggest you read it and all his other books for that matter, anyway, please take a look at my review below and go read it.


What's it about:

In the cold darkness of space, the tyranids travel from world to world, consuming all in a futile attempt to slake their hunger for bio-matter. Lying directly in their path is the industrial planet Tarsis Ultra, where Captain Uriel Ventris and the Ultramarines stand shoulder to shoulder with brother Marines from the Mortifactors Chapter. Uriel must accept the barbaric traditions of his allies and act against the ancient tactics laid down in the holy Codex Astartes in order to destroy the alien menace!.

My Thoughts:

This book as with all the other novels from the Ultramarines omnibus written  by the author Graham McNeill, follows the main character Captain Uriel Ventris. Ventris who commands the 4th company heads for the planet Taris Ultra along with his trusted friend sergeant Pasanius and sergeant Learchus.

They stop off on the way to seek aide in the coming war from a successor chapter the Mortifactors, but they are shocked by how much they have deviated from the Codex with their barbaric rituals. None the less aide is given and they head out to Taris.

The book follows several other characters from different view points and really builds up to the events that happen. Mcneill always manages to give great detail about the surroundings and events making you feel your actually there.

The Space battles are fantastic with some real epic conflicts, from the mightiest star ship to the small fighter craft, the book also describes the Tyranids ships in great detail describing the devourer in all its glory. One particular part of the novel involving a gigantic space borne refinery is a fantastic read so I wont spoil it here.

The lowly scum of the planet also get involved with their own little battles and produce some surprising villains and heroes,  I love reading these parts as it embodies the Imperial life very well. Personally this is where I would probably be if I were alive in that time, scum of the hive lol.

Inquisitor Kryptman from the Ordo Xenos and his team of Deathwatch are heavily involved and Ventris leads them a couple of times into battle. Most notably into the heart of a Tyranid Hive ship. This is where Uriel starts venturing away from the teachings of the Codex, which is an essential part of the Ultramarines omnibus and Pasanius follows leaving the very much annoyed Learchus to head the Ground battle.

The book really portrays the Tyranids well, from the first strike to the never ending tide of small aliens, right up to the lumbering monsters. Death and carnage are everywhere and it leads to some very good reading. Some very inspiring heroics come from the strangest of places and the Mortifactors fight well with the Ultramarines, even though they are very separated from the Codex.

In the end they prevail, but not without great losses including several planets. Once a world is touched by Tyranids, it is never the same. Another great part of this book is that it involves the Death Korps of Krieg which I am sure will please some readers. 

Parting Shot:

An awesome novel, a must read if you are reading the Ultramarines Omnibus but a great stand alone book as well. For anyone hoe wants a great battle with lots of blood and multiple tales this is for you. I would suggest you get the first omnibus as this will build up the story better, with the opening of Uriel Ventris becoming Captain of the 4th Company, then the first book, Nightbringer followed by this one. Fantastic work Graham.

My star rating:


You're comments and thoughts on the book if you have read it, are most welcome.

Please remember that these are only my personal views and opinions. They are by no means intended to criticize the novel, author or the Black Library in any way.

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