Thursday, 29 August 2013

Forge World Stormblade Arkurain Pattern Rules

Stormblade Arkurain Pattern

Forge world have just released updated rules for the Stormblade Arkurain Pattern Super Heavy Tank, the can be found 'Here' in PDF format free to download.

Many Forge Worlds build their own variants of the STC Shadowsword design, armed with different weapons. It is believed the Stormblade, mounting a massive Plasma Blastgun to replace the Shadowsword’s Volcano cannon, was first constructed on Ryza, where the ancient art of plasma weaponry construction are still practiced, and elevated to masterpieces of Imperial technology. As well as its main weapon the Stormblade is also armed with turret mounted lascannons and sponson mounted heavy bolters, making it a fearsome opponent.

The Arkurian-pattern hull is perhaps the most common type of super-heavy hull across the many Forge Worlds capable of producing such technological marvels, although more conservative Priests of the Machine Cult view the rarer Mars-pattern hull as superior.

The Super Heavy Tank  can be purchased from Forge World 'Here'.

For more free stuff visits the 'Downloads' page.

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