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Special Mission I: Bird Down

Special Mission I: Bird Down

We have all played the normal Eternal War missions found in the main Warhammer 40,000k rulebook, and with 6th edition these are still quite varied. But I wanted to mix things up a little, so with the help of my brother, we have come up with a few different missions for you all to play. For best results, download the PDF file from the link below and print for better quality.

The first mission to be released is Special Mission I: Bird down. This is a little bit like the Relic mission but with a few subtle changes to the play style.

The only additional requirement for this mission is a spare flyer of some description. The idea behind it, is that a flayer has crashed and both sides are trying to get the vital information stored in the flight recorder, so at first glance this does look very similar, but the initial change is the fact you have a line of sight blocking piece of terrain in the way to start with.

Your Fast Attack choices are also treated and scoring units in this game too, and the player who goes first after Seizing the Initiative gains the Scout rule on Troop Choices. You are also able to run with the objective.

The idea is that even foot slogging infantry can potentially start running away with the objective in turn two if you get good rolls and it turns the generally static Relic Mission into a faster moving game, where possession of the objective is the winning element.

With no secondary objectives available, it forces people to change their tactics from the normal gun line or assault armies. Both are going to have to lay down fire power and move in to get the objective.

I hope you all have fun playing this mission and enjoy the different play style. Please feel free to leave feedback after playing the mission in the comments, or email me. If the general consensus is positive and you are left wanting more, the we have quite a few more missions lined up for your enjoyment.

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