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Special Mission II: Fighting Withdrawal

Special Mission II: Fighting Withdrawal

Here is Realm of Warhammer 40k's second Special Mission. During play testing this mission, we found it usually brings total carnage across the battlefield. Unless you agree beforehand on which party you are paying, you will have to build an army that can move quickly but also deliver a hard punch, for until the dice are rolled, you wont know which job you will doing, attacking or withdrawing. Generally, both players will end up with few models left on the board. For best results, download the PDF file from the link below and print for better quality.

The second mission to be released is Special Mission II: Fighting Withdrawal. This is a stand along mission that does use some rules from the main rulebook, but it is designed to give you a totally different gaming experience.

This is a fun mission to play and I am sure you will all enjoy playing it, have a go at being both the attacking force and the withdrawing (defender) force, this will let you experience both sides of the mission.

Having enacted this type of scenario several times in real life, being ex armed forces, if played correctly will give the same experience on the tabletop. For whatever reason, the one force needs to be extracted, whether they are in possession of vital data from your first mission, 'Special Mission I: Bird Down' or just getting out of the hot zone, your force needs to get to that extraction zone. For the attacking force, it is a simple case of wanting that intelligence back or just plane want to kill the enemy, but they got the upper hand turning this simple extraction into a night mare.

Again, no secondary objectives are available, forcing the player to go for the primary mission objectives, and with no reserves except for those that have to, (looking at you flyers), changes it up a gear. Remember though, some units can always deep strike even if the mission states others wise, so look out!

Well I hope you all have fun playing this mission and enjoy the different play style. Please feel free to leave feedback after playing the mission as usual in the comments, or email me. We have quite a few more missions lined up for your enjoyment so keep checking back to the site.

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