Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Necrons: Lychguard

 Necron Lychguard

Welcome to the next post of my Necron army. Having sorted the HQ and Troop choices it was time to start filling out the army.

The Lychguard were actually the first box I got, having played with the army I don't think it's a unit I would have included in the army list, but having got them I stuck with it. Having no shooting weapons they don't play a big part in most games but the one thing they are good at is tying up nasty units because I gave them phase swords (power weapons) and Dispersion Shields (invun save) plus with their get up rolls they take out units by attrition.

I really do like the models though and it was the Shields that gave me the idea of edging the army in green, like I said because they have no ranged weapons most games they just plod across the board and don't do much, but they can intercept assault troops and survive; and they can hold up strong units. I plan on trying to see if they can stall a monstrous creature sometime.

Hope you like as much as I do, may the dice be forever in your favour.

You may keep any trinkets you find. Colourful baubles mean nothing to a soldier. ~

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