Monday, 9 September 2013

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Conversion Part II

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Conversion

With the butchery of the Eldar model found here in 'Part I', it was now time to move on and start adding Green Stuff. I will note here, that I have before used green stuff to fill in gaps and the odd embellishment on a model. This was way out of my comfort zone and I was very nervous to start it. But after hours of so called sculpting, I was really happy with the result so far.

I have tried as much as possible to keep my initial vision in tact and stick to my concept art, I found the image I had of the final product kept me from just going off on one and changing my idea!

Green Stuff
So the main difference from last time is the body, I have filled out the old Eldar model with green stuff. I sculpted the chest in under the strap across the body. The zip effect down the front took a long time and several attempts to do. The image I am after is and armoured body glove as described in many 40k novels.

I removed the Eldar belt and lowered it adding my own. For the waist I selected a Krak, Frag and Psyk-out grenade and a sealed scroll that I would imagine carried important documents. I carefully added some shaved down pockets on the legs for more detail. All this gave him a combat ready look.

The head I selected to use was from a Space Marine Terminator Sergeant. I did search for a long time to find the head I wanted and this is what I settled on. After I cut off the base and the part that wrapped around the head, I ended up with my desired product. I will need to sculpt his left ear on though as this was removed during the butchery.

Old Boots

After allowing a day or so for the first application of green stuff to dry, I started on the feet. I wanted to give him boots of a similar style to pirates, they, (in my opinion) have the correct 40k feel. This was done in several stages, the main foot shape and then adding the boot fold on the top. A lot of swearing happened here as I found this very difficult to achieve. 

Also at this stage, I added the belt buckle for extra detail. very fiddly to do I must say!

From the side angle you can kind of see the foot shape properly. I did add a few millimetres onto the height of the model at this point, as the original Eldar figure was quite short in comparison to other imperial figures. A sole on the boot will also be added later.

Resting against a slotta base you can start to get a feel for the final models pose. I am still deciding on what to do with the base at this point, I think it will be an internal industrial theme. Like being in a manufactorum / warehouse or something.

With the right boot dry I moved onto the left. I had some difficulties with this one and had to stop with part of the toe missing as the green stuff was drying, but this would be covered later anyway. Again the fold at the top was added once the green stuff started to set.


So a day later after the boots had dried  I added the boot soles and buckle detail. I cut some thin plasticard and added heals, this would form a solid base for the model to stand on. I also finished off the toe and shaved down the top curve of the boots so they were not so chunky.

Using semi dry green stuff I added the boot straps and buckle detail, this was also very fiddly and several times I had to take a swear break!

I have also added another section to the back of the heal, giving them a sturdier feel. I will need to add a little extra to the sole to fill it out though. It is not shown in the photo, but I filed down the sole slightly for two reasons. First it would give it that worn effect but secondly it levelled out the foot nicely.

Here you can see the back of the boot, where the fold at the top parts to allow the wearer to slide their foot in. I think this adds to the appearance and stops it looking like a Wellington boot. 

Here you can see the leg pockets and the buckle detail on the boot. I a very proud of this so far. It is starting to look how I imagined it.


Two other details were added on, the main being the Inquisitorial badge of office  this will be painted as if it is moulded into the body glove,  the other is the little 'green stuffed' belt loop that holds the scroll onto the belt. I think it just adds to the realistic feel more will be added to the other grenades.

So that is the progress so far. It does look a lot better with natural eyes as I took these photos using super macro which has shown up EVERY imperfection that cannot normally be see. They will be painted over anyway.

The arms will be coming next in part III, and the base will be worked on too. I am hoping to arm him with a power sword and needle pistol. I have a few ideas but if anyone has any suggestions on modelling these, I would be grateful.

I am also still looking for an awesome name for him, any ideas most welcome!

~ There is a terrible darkness descending upon the galaxy, and we shall not see it ended in our lifetimes ~


  1. That is so damn good. Keep it simple with the name. Something like: Inquisitor Black.

    1. Thanks Zab. Yeah I want to keep it simple but with kind of exotic feel, not really sure what I'm after yet!

    2. Maybe its an alien derogatory term for inquisitor. The Tau call humans Gue'la and the Eldar call us Mon-Kiegh. I wander what they call Inquisitors...

    3. Interesting line of thought there Zab. I will have to look into that, an alien name for a xenos inquisitor! Hmmmm...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Evan! I must admit, it looks a lot better at normal size. Took a long time to get it at this level. Thanks for the compliment.

  3. That's some nice work with the green stuff. Well done for persevering with it.
    Looking forward to seeing it painted.

    1. Thanks Boss, taking a while to do but it is getting their. Not quite sure on the paint job yet, suggestions are most welcome!

  4. This project is quite inspiring. Giving me ideas for my own OX inquisitor now.

    1. I'm glad you feel inspired. So much fun can be had with inventing you own Inquisitor. Let me know if you start one. More on this project coming soon!