Thursday, 12 September 2013

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Conversion Part III

Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Conversion

Part III of this conversion has seen further advancements on the Inquisitor, including the arms and base. The original vision of the model is starting to come together now and with the addition of the base, I think is looking pretty good.

Here are the links to 'Part I' and 'Part II' if you have not already had a look at them. The Model is now definitely looking more Inquisitorial.

With the legs and body pretty much done, the next stage was to add the arms. easier said than done! I wanted to get the correct positioning but did not have confidence to make the arms entirely by Green Stuff. So I managed to swag some Eldar weapon arms from my brother that had the correct pose. The left arm will be holding a ranged weapon (hopefully a Needle pistol) while the right will hold an outstretched sword.

I wanted to keep the original models right wrist, as it had the perfect pose I wanted to carry the sword. However, they were a bit Eldar looking as you could imagine, so they were respectively trimmed down to remove the Eldar look and prepare for Green Stuffing.

I carefully drilled through the weapon hilt on the right hand, ready for a pin to be slotted in from his new sword when finalised, this will add much needed strength.

The Blade
I have been playing around for a while with the sword blade. My latest one, is a Grey Knight Falchion cut down and altered slightly. I'm not totally convinced yet so suggestions would be most welcome. I think I need a slimmer more elegant blade?

Industrial Base
As I mentioned before, I wanted the Inquisitor to look like he is in an industrial warehouse or something. I did think about having pipes and bits on the base, but then had a rethink and decided to keep it more simple. I ordered some Single Tread Plate, plasticard from ebay and using some cut off plastic sprue, created the step. I very carefully trimmed it all down and smoothed off the edges for this final creation. 

I was extremely careful to keep the Tread lined up in the same direction, if it was slightly out it would have looked out of place. I may add some sort of small vent / drain near the step for just a little more detail, but still undecided on that.

The General Idea
Here you can get the general idea of what the Inquisitor will look like when finished. Still a lot of work to do, but it is coming together nicely.

I think the pose really gives him an aura of authority and can be interpreted as stepping down from or up onto the step.

The sword hilt is still not finished, but will tail off behind the cloak giving the blade the right amount of counter balance. Really need a more elegant blade. This one just does not look right for him.

Should look pretty good from all angles.

More Green Stuff
So here I have started to fill out the arms to bulk up the model. The sleeves of the cloak will eventually be turn back on themselves and if I can pull it off, will have an embroidered =][= symbol on them.

The next layer of green stuff / sculpting, will see the elbow on the right arm move further up as it is a little to low for my liking. The left arm I am happy with.

The blending of arms and cloak on the rear went really well and when painted should be almost invisible but for the seam where the join. The leather strap going trough the cloak will also hold the swords scabbard in place.

Well that's it for now, the next post will show the arms finished off and some work on the head as well, need to create another ear. There are also a few dents in the rear of the cloak that will be patch up.

The blade and needle pistol are my main worries at the moment, would really appreciate help on that. The =][= symbols on the sleeves will also be a challenge, but I am ready for that.

~ Aliens are scum, they must be eradicated from our worlds, purged from the galaxy, destroyed wherever they appear. However, on occasion they can prove a useful tool ~


  1. Looking really good Dale.
    I agree you need a much slimmer blade, Howling Banshee power sword maybe.
    I think any Marine blade is gonna be too chunky. Or maybe have a look at Fantasy swords, Empire or High Elf? They tend to be more subtle in their scale.

    1. Thanks Boss. After a lot of searching, I have decided to go for an Eldar Dire Avenger Blade. Slime and elegant and with a little work will do just fine. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  2. Dark eldar pistol would work well for the basis of the needle gun.

    1. Agreed Zab. Just been looking at one and I can picture it already, Thanks for the idea!

  3. Wonderful work there. Can't help feeling magnetised heads would enable you to change the feel of the figure at will.

    I'm thinking a helmet head, a pirate hat, the bald head you've got, the long hair and beard look and so on.

    1. Interesting line of thought you have there. I do love magnetising models. I might have to look into that.

      Long hair might be hard to do as a swap out, but the rest are very viable.

      Thanks for the idea.