Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Codex Inquisition: Cover Art

Codex Inquisition

Black Library have just released the cover art for the new Codex Inquisition that is being released digitally next month.

I have to say I am a tad excited over this and I am also hoping that it will be release in paperback shorty after. which brings me to a little concern, will this be released in paperback and how long will I have to wait. Like countless gamers out there, I do not have the ability to get a digital version, neither would I get one until a paperback is release anyway.

I am hoping that the condense will be revealed over the coming weeks via Black Library and those in possession of a copy when it comes out will be able to shed some light, Until then, one will have to wait.

What are your thoughts on this and what do you think this tomb will have in store for the Inquisition?

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