Thursday, 3 October 2013

Necrons: Triarch Stalker

 Necron Triarch Stalker

Next post of my Necron's is the Stalker, another underestimated unit. The Triarch Stalker is a walker that if used correctly can greatly boost your army. It has the living Armour to negate shaken and stunned results, and Quantum Shielding to make it as armoured as a Leman Russ Tank. It only has one weapon and I like to use the heat ray. Can be fired like a two shot Melta or like a flamer, but the best bit is as long as you hit with the Stalker the unit becomes marked and all other shooting at that unit becomes twin linked.

The weapon is under-slung and fits snugly into the slot, so if you don't glue it you can swap the weapons over.

The two large front legs can be glued or not, so they move at the joints allowing you to fold them in for storage in your case and to move around in game, making placement easier. Because it's not mounted on a base you need to agree with your opponent before the game where ranges and combat will be measured from.

This model took the longest for me to paint because the edging is on both sides of all six legs; but the model is well made, making for easy painting.

Odd bits of detailing on the model allow for other colours to be used to break up its outline.

When you look at the stats most people don't think it's worth taking, but it's ability to make things twin linked and the melta weapon makes it worth it in my opinion.

The most memorable game I had with it (sorry Kurt) was a game against Kurt's raven guard. He assaulted it with a 10 strong assault squad with power fist wielding Sargent and Shadow Captain Korvydae. They bounced off and I killed two in return. 

I think it's a bit of a Marmite model, you either like it or you don't, hope you like it as much as I do. May the dice be forever in your favour.

~ Flesh is for the weak and thus completely Anathema to us ~


  1. Digging your Necrons. I was leaning towards collecting a space marine army but necrons look more tempting to paint up every time I see another cool army. Would you mind if I shared some of your work on my blog if I post a link back here?