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Warlord Orders: Free Download for Warhammer 40k

Warlord Orders: Warhammer 40k Playing Aide

Today I give you something a little different, a playing aide. Now I don't know about anyone else, but with all the rules out there for 6th edition Warhammer 40k and all the army specific rules for Codices and Supplements, I am finding it a little hard to remember them all, especially mid game and this can defiantly cause problems during a tournament if you forget that all important rule.

So to combat this little issue I have and to help keep my mind on the game in hand, I have created an A4 playing aide to help guide me through the Pre game set-up and Deployment. And then reminders about specific rules I have for my army and when to carry these out. I have found this very helpful and I no longer need to refer to the Big rulebook (I do not own the little one) or my Codex / Supplement, flicking from page to page. I have it all listed in one place.

You will find the FREE Warlord Orders PDF & Word Doc at the bottom of this post.

Obviously I have my Rulebook and Codex / Supplement to hand when playing any games, but this just helps me get started quickly without needing to open up all my books.
On the left there is a simple Pre Deployment list. This runs through the steps required to get the game started, similar to that found in the rulebook just without all the extra jargon included, but just the right information like when to roll off, plus a reminder to roll on any Codex army specific charts / rules etc.
Underneath the Pre Deployment is a Deployment list. this covers the steps needed to deploy, including a reminder for Night Fighting and Scout moves that are often forgotten by a lot of gamers.
Moving onto the right side of the page, there is the reminder section that I have named Game Play - Friendly Turn. This comprises of the three phases:
  • Movement
  • Shooting
  • Assault
Here are a few examples of what information I include for my Tau army, these are usually things I end up forgetting as I have not played with them much.
  • Movement
    • Puretide Engram Neurochip - Choose option to use
    • Nova Charge Riptide / R'varna - Choose most viable option
    • Check for Assault jump move range (make sure I got somewhere to go after shooting
  • Shooting
    • Markerlight order priority - decide what order to fire them
    • Longstrike - dont forget tank hunter rule
  • Assault Phase
    • Jet Pack moves - 2 D6
    • Assault Consolidation 2 D6
There is also space for the same type of information, but notes on things to do in your enemies turn, quite often people pull their hair out because they forgot to use an interceptor weapon, or forgot to go to ground in need to keep the troops alive. comprising of the same phases as before here are another couple of examples.
  • Movement
    • Shoot Interceptor weapons at reserve arrivals
  • Shooting
    • Neuroweb System Jammer - nominate at start of enemy shooting 12" distance
    • Photon Grenades - +1 Cover save within 8"
  • Assault
    • Overwatch
    • Supporting Fire

There is a space for the name of your army under the Warlord Orders Title, helping you to keep track of which set of orders are for which army. So you can file them away for future use.
The Tactical Notes section is a free area for any scribbles regarding tactical thoughts, battles plans, anything really. I often use this to write done and prioritise my enemy targets, it is easy to go off mission, so this helps to keep focus.
At the end I have included an Eternal War, Mission Map - Battlefield Overlay. The lines correspond with that of the three deployment areas for Dawn of War, Hammer and Anvil and Vanguard Strike. I have also included a 12" radius circle in the centre of the map to help with some Altar of War missions.

I have found this battlefield Overlay very handy in the past, with making a rough note on where objectives are and an idea for what I want my force to do. I know we can see the board we are fighting on and we are allowed now to pre measure  but by doing a quick sketch on the overlay will help with forming your battle plan. It does work and is still used in modern warfare today, so give it a try, you may surprise yourself.

So that is a brief on what the Warlord Orders are and why I decided to make it. You don't have to use it and you may even find the idea of no use to you, but for those that do like it and want to give it a try, a link to the down load is below.

I have included two formats for you. A PDF version and the original MS Word version for those that wish to type instead of write. Please feel free to use this how ever you like, just point people to the site should they like it. I have included Colour and Plain background downloads, the colour ones are larger files but look great.

*Due to some awesome feedback, (thanks Dave) the downloads have now been updated to Version 3. See comments for  suggested improvements that have been added*

'Warlord Orders' PDF (Colour Background)

'Warlord Orders' PDF (Plain Background)

'Warlord Orders' MS Word (Colour Background) -  Large file 7mb

'Warlord Orders' MS Word (Plain Background)

More downloads are available in the 'Downloads' page.

Feedback is always welcome, so feel free to comment.

~ The Emperor guides our path by his eternal light ~


  1. Hey Dale, this is awesome, I'll probably print some off myself and try them out. A couple of unnecessary suggestions, with the pre-deployment rolls you could swap the bullet list for a number list that'll match the dice rolls, although board set-ups 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 obviously Like I say probably unnecessary, it is possible to work it out but this way no thoughts needed.

    Other point is the battlefield overlay. I know the rulebook only shows one diagonal set-up but invariably that's when you start with an empty board and then fill it, in which case orientation isn't really an issue but we pretty much always do an additional roll for fighting left to right or right to left so perhaps another set of diagonals mirrored on the overlay?

    Love the effort you've gone to, top notch stuff, keep it coming. Will probably share a link to this on my blog if that's OK?

    1. Thanks Dave, I hope you enjoy using it. I have also taken your comments on board and I have updated the files with your suggested improvments. These are ready to download now!

      Feel free to share on you blog and spread to the community.

      Thanks again.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate, hope you get some good use from it

  3. Dale, Like this will use it at Worcester War 2 if that's ok? Pack and details out by end of the month by the way, Cheers Mike

    1. Thanks Doc, go for it, they are free to all. Looking forward to Worcester War 2 details, you can count me in already.