Friday, 8 November 2013

1 Year Later

1 Year Later

Today Ream of Warhammer 40k celebrates one year of blogging. I thought I would take a look at the last year and re-link some of the best posts the site has had and some of my favourites.

If there is anything I have learnt over the past year, it is that blogging is hard work and can get quite involved. I have got a lot of plans for the next year and you should see some great things coming as well as more free stuff to download.

Anyway enough rambling on, below are some of the best post from the last year. Please enjoy and share.

This was only my 9th post on the site and my first ever tutorial. I never expected it to be as popular as it has been, it has also been the most visited article on the site. I guess everyone likes basic basing. This post also prompted the 'Downloads' page where I have ever since been putting up my tutorials to download for free.

January 2013 saw the introduction of my Painting Points system, a tracker to keep me going with my painting and to control my hobby spending. This was a great success and has not only seen me through some tough painting projects, but has also been adopted by a few other bogs and gamers. I have even kept a track of my own painting points on the side bar to the right.

I have always struggled with painting vehicles, but this post saw my painting really take off, not only with using the new Citadel Paint Range, but also not worrying with the painting so much and just having fun. The end result I think was amazing. This also started off my Red Scorpion Space Marine army, that is still awaiting some love. Just not enough time, bring on the holidays.

I have always like the fluff of Warhammer 40k and wanted to introduce my own bit of history into the ether! this post lunched that dream. I came up with a whole system based in the Ultima Segmentum, with its own little twist to help bring every army and race a means of being there. Future plans hopefully for the end of this year will see a campaign fought over this very system.

It also inspired me to create it's very own page 'Ostrius System' and monthly fluff posts, but real life got in the way and has been very slow of late. But that should be rectified soon and the history and system will live once more. 

I kept loosing track of the damage and speed of my vehicles during games, so it prompted me to create a set of Vehicle damage Markers to help combat this. I then decided to give it to everyone for free. This was posted twice, the first not really getting many views, so I decided to re-post it a couple of days later late at night and that did the trick, even being reposted on some other well known blogs. These free markers can still be downloaded from the 'Downloads' page.

This was a great month and a great post too. My brother kindly agreed to start posting his stuff on the site, which to be honest was a fantastic way to start showing other peoples work. Mark has now launched a couple of Necron posts and we plan on doing a lot more next year, including Blood Angels, Eldar and more.

Brother Diego is by far on e of the best models I have ever painted and converted. I was really proud to show this model off. It was also the start of taking photos of my models a little more seriously. With a bit of time and the introduction of a home made light box, I was able to give the Dreaknight the best lighting and backdrop I could.

Another fun thing I added was the 360Spinning photos. A nice little bit of scripted and a series of photos to enable an all round vie of a model, a bit the Games Workshops website. Pretty cool I think.

August also saw the release of two special missions, these are free to download and more will be coming soon. They are really good fun to play and always ends in total 40k carnage, which is just hoe it should be.

One of my latest projects is my Inquisitor conversion, timed just right with the surprise release of the Codex: Inquisitor.I have a whole retinue lined up for him as well. Still looking for a cool name though. Lots more to come on this soon. Even an gun totting female...

This bring me to one of my last posts up until now. Another free download, a gaming aide to help with set up and to keep track of your armies rules, you know, the ones we always forget.


I have had tremendous fun with the blog over the past year and have learnt quite a bit. I have improved the quality and style of my photos getting better each time. I have given myself direction and most importantly, given free stuff to the community.

The Future

So asking myself what is going to happen from now on.... Well I am going to continue, I have just had a load of building work going on in the house and have not been able to do much, but there is going to be more free stuff and a lot more content going on. Hopefully a new live campaign, where my gaming groups actions will be played out right here.

For all the people following my site and dropping by, I thank you, your the ones that keep me going. Please share this site with friends and feel free to leave comments.

~ In death there is no peace ~


  1. Happy (blog) Birthday! I've thoroughly enjoyed reading along, and look forward to more in the upcoming year - keep up the great work, man!

    1. Thank you very much, I am glad you have enjoyed the blog so far. It's great to have this kind of feedback. Thank you.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Dave, had a lot on recently but got a renewed boost of energy for Christmas.

  3. Congrats on your first year. Here's to another! prost

  4. Yes, yes. Happy Blog day - now get back to that damned inquisitor! I love that one and need to see how it goes, you may even be inspiring me to do up a INQ28 group of my own ,)

    1. Consider it back on the table Zab. Thanks for following.

  5. That's a year of hobby content that you should be proud of, congratulations!
    Those are some great looking models and your lighting technique is a step above.
    Did you have a tutorial on how to get the soft shadows?

    It's always nice to see some fan created systems flushed out to that level (nice system map!)

    If you & your 40k friends haven't already started your campaign we're running an online campaign with production and narrative quality in mind; and all are welcome.
    Check it out if you have a moment, we'd love to have you in the fight.