Thursday, 5 December 2013

Imperial Enforcer & Cyber Mastiff

Imperial Enforcer

This is an awesome model and also a member of my Xenos Inquisitors retinue. I managed to get hold of this Forge World event only figure from ebay at a very reasonable price. Unlike my Inquisitor, I wanted to keep the original model in tack as much a possible, but I did want to change it slightly. So here is the Enforcer and below is the making of the base and his Cyber Mastiff companion.

In game he will count as an acolyte with Boltgun, Las pistol (when added) and Carapace armour with melta bombs. The Cyber Mastiff will count as an arco-flagellant. Not sure if I want to add a scope to the Boltgun or not? may look to much.

Imperial Enforcer
So here is what the original model looks like. Pretty cool, but I feel the need to tweak it a little.
I wanted to give him a gun, a big gun, I also wanted to be able to use him in normal 40k games, so I ended up equipping him with a Boltgun. Going through the bits box I found the smallest one I had, I then proceeded to shave off the skulls it was adorned with. The barrel was then drilled out with a 1mm drill bit.

I removed the power maul he came with and with a little green stuff, altered the end to look like a pistol grip.
Even though it is a pretty big looking weapon, I think it looks quite good on him, he is a strong character and would enjoy the extreme recoil from the Boltgun.

The Base
I wanted to raise him up slightly and tie him in the the Inquisitor, so I proceeded to make a similar base, but have him stood on the top level. It was really simple to create. I first cut up some sprue's and glued them onto the base to make the foundation for the step.
Once dry I shaped the edges making a circle getting rid of the excess, I also filed down the top surface getting it level.
Using some textured tread plate plasticard found on ebay, I created the surface on the two levels making sure they lined up together.
Obviously the blemishes will be covered after painting so will look 100 times netter

By placing him on the top step, it not only gives him a little more height, but some how gives him the appearance of authority. The Boltgun also seem to look a little smaller too.
Looking good now.
There is a little gap at the back of the base that will be filled in when the green stuff comes out again. The overall appearance will be better when the paint gets added.
I love the detailing on this model, right down the the hand cuffs at his waist and the small straps holding his armour together. The Forge World designers have done a great job!

Cyber Mastiff
So I mounted him on the same style base as the others, with a grill in it. I didn't want to change this figure much at all as it's fantastic. But I could not resist adding an Inquisition symbol to him which looks like he has a dog tag hanging from his neck.
No more will be done to this model as it speaks for it's self. Again, a great design from Forge World. I am looking forward to painting this, let just hope I can do it the justice it deserves.

Please check out my Xenos Inquisitor conversion if you have not already seen them:  'Part I', 'Part II', 'Part III', 'Part IV', 'Part V', 'Part VI'. The Enforcer and Mastiff will be in his retinue.

~ We determine the guilty. We decide the punishment ~

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