Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Papercraft: Thunderbolt Fighter

Papercraft Thunderbolt
Papercraft Imperial Thunderbolt Fighter

Something a little different in this post. I came across a template for the Forge World Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Fighter and it has been sitting in my downloads folder staring at me for a while. So with money very tight at the moment with Christmas and increasing energy bills in the UK, I thought I would take a break from the normal Warhammer 40k bits and have a go at this papercraft model.

Several things have come of this. 1 - It is really fun, don't knock it until you have tried it. 2 - It only take a few nights for a simple model like the Thunderbolt. 3 - it's FREE, apart from knife blades, Glue and Paper. 4 - Yes I have caught the bug and want to do more. So below are some more pictures of my first papercraft model and also a little explanation of why I want to do more of them and why you should have a go too.

The Model

Papercraft Thunderbolt
So this papercraft model is a replica (and a very fine one at that) of Forge Worlds Imperial Navy Thunderbolt Air Superiority Fighter. I downloaded this for free from our friend the internet and I have uploaded a copy 'HERE' for those who cannot fine it on the internet. It is totally FREE and full credit goes to whoever made the template, and indeed credit should be given and celebrated, because this is one damn fine piece of work.
Papercraft Thunderbolt
Armed with Twin-linked Lascannons and two Twin-linked Autocannons, the nose of the Thunderbolt is deadly!
Papercraft Thunderbolt
As you can see the detail is wonderful and you have a choice of pre-coloured or plain templates, so if you want you can paint it your own colours. It also has quite good instructions, it does look very daunting at first but soon after getting knife to paper and the glue out, it all falls in place.
Papercraft Thunderbolt
Top Tips.

OK so this is my first model ever and I made a few mistakes, although paper can be quite forgiving thank the throne it can still ruin things. So I have listed my top tips for you, should you decide to take this on and give papercraft a go.
  1. Sharpe Knife
  2. Good Clear drying glue
  3. Good quality thick paper
  4. Steal ruler
  5. Something for scoring lines with
  6. Patience
Papercraft Thunderbolt
Why Papercraft

So while not only being fun, it is a very cheap, fairly quick and fun way to build and field models in games of 40k that you don't have to spend a fortune saving for. Now my gaming group is a very relaxed place and will encourage stuff like this so I should have no problem fielding a few of these, but do check that your local gaming group will be OK.

This model from Forge World with postage is just under £100. Now obviously if I bought it, built it played it and found it was rubbish, that would have been a waste of money, so by making this papercraft version, which is almost just as good (obviously the really thing is is not paper) for scale and build, will allow you to try out that awesome model you want without actually forking out for it. 
Papercraft Thunderbolt
I will buy the actual model from Forge World when the funds are raised, because the papercraft one is so awesome I want the real thing. I have a could of plans for some other flyers, so I might have a go over christmas.

When it comes to space combat, I'll trust the professionals ~