Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Wish List

2014 Wish List

A new year has arrived and so has my new wish list. Last year saw quite a few items purchased from the 2013 list found 'Here' and I intend on following suit for 2014.

The wish list helps me focus on what I really want, it also gives people, (you) the chance to chime in and offer advice on whether my intended purchases are a good or bad choice. That doesn't necessarily mean I will not get the item if it is noted a bad idea, but will help me make informed choices.

So take a look at the wish list and let me know your thoughts!

Last updated: 10.02.2014*

Wish List

  • * Imperial Guard Tank Accessories. 'Take a Look' £9 Need
    • These will be used to upgrade my tank campany.
  • Leman Russ Battle Tank. 'Take a Look' £31 Need
    • I am going to start a small allied army based around tanks, so this will be the start.
  • XV8 Battlesuit Commander. 'Take a Look£25 Need
    • My Tau commander is in need of an upgrade to fit in with the new Codex, and yes I want this model to be it. This will be Shas'o Dal'yth Or'es Shi's, new bit of tech.
  • Chaos Daemon Prince. 'Take a Look' £25 Need
    • So I have come up with a nice little allies list involving Chaos Space Marines, this will be one of my HQ choices for it, Could do with it this year, and I personally think it is one hell of a combat beast if played right .
  • Chaos Space Marine Heldrake. 'Take a Look£45 Need
    • Same reason for the Daemon Prince, this will also come in very handy.
    • Tau Fire Warrior Team. 'Take a look£22 Need
      • I only have 1 Fire Warrior Team in my Tau Army, I need to get another to  effectively play 6th Edition games! More Troops needed.
          • Warhound Titan Mars Pattern Turbo Laser. 'Take a look£38 Need
            • In February 2012 I purchased a 'Mars Pattern Warhound Titan' and later in the year bought a 'Plasma Blastgun', but due to lack of funds I could not get the Turbo Laser, as I plan on finishing the Titan this year I intend to get it, just need the money.
          • * Worcester War III. £TBC Need
            • Campaign Day.

            • XV88 Broadside Battlesuit. 'Take a Look£30 Desire
              • Such an awesome model, I need a second one for my Tau army, they work better in pairs!
            • Bastion Upgrade Pack. 'Take a look£12.30 Desire
              • In 2011 I purchased an 'Imperial Bastion' from ebay really cheap. It was already glued together and was missing the extra bits that comes with the kit and a couple of Heavy Bolters plus the door, so by purchasing the Upgrade Pack I will have a fully functional Bastion. And with Stronghold Assault now in use, I might want to use it.
            • Deathwatch Kill Team Conversion Kit. 'Take a Look£15.50 Desire
              • I really want these, at least one squads worth before they go out of stock. I plan to complete a Sternguard Squad of Deathwatch with every member from a different chapter. Just a little interesting project I thought. Chapter ideas most welcome.
              • X 2 - Grey Knight Interceptor Squads.'Take a look£20.50 each Desire
                • Interceptors are a Fast Attack choice for Grey Knights and I would like to have two 5 man squads to accompany the Nemesis Dreadknight's. Having used proxies for this, it works well and sends a shiver up my opponents spine seeing them jump across the board, very pricey points wise though!
                • X2 - Grey Knight Terminator Squads. 'Take a look£28 per box Desire
                  • I want to convert a Terminator into Grand Master Vord Mordrak and Ghost Knights to go with him (Not going to be cheap) I need Mordrak plus 8 Ghost knight, 5 for his initial squad and 3 spare for if he gets all his rolls, take a look at 'Codex Grey Knights' for more information of his special rule.
                  • The plus side of this is that I also want to make a Paladin Apothecary so I will have a spare model to do this.
                  • Land Raider Crusader Pack. 'Take a look£12.30 Desire
                    • I already have a Landraider (not yet painted) and during the build I magnetised the side sponsons. By getting this kit and adding further magnets I will be able to swap between the standard landraider and a Redeemer. This will also lend it's self to the 'Landraider Terminus Ultra' for apocalypse games. I also have a highly risky tactic for the Redeemer along with the Librarian for my Grey knight army. Who can guess what that might be?
                  • Space Marine Command Squad. 'Take a Look£20.50 Desire
                    • This will accompany my Capitan into battle. enough said really.
                  • Lord Kaldo Draigo. 'Take a Look£15 Need
                    • My current Grand Master 'Found Here' has run his course. My painting has improved a lot lately and I want to revamp him. I intend to convert the Kaldor model thus giving Valius a new suit of armour. I do plan on magnetising it so I can fully swap out all the weapons and also if I ever want to use Kaldor in a game he can be remade. Should be an awesome conversion and paint job and fun to do when I get it. The old model will be turned into Grand Master Mordrak maybe!

                    Wish For:
                    • Magister Severin Loth Chief Librarian of the Red Scorpions with Honour Guard. 'Take a Look£39 Wish for
                      • Again before these go out of stock I want to get him, awesome figure need I say more. But then again I'm not quite sure if the price is worth it?
                    • Paladin Squad. 'Take a look£28 Wish for
                      • In my own opinion, I find Paladins to be too costly to take in any armies under 2.5K, to this end I my original Paladin squad has been transformed back into normal Terminators. However, I would like to make up a command Squad of Paladins to support my Grand Master / Brother Captain for the fun of it and reading the Fluff would be quite fitting. This is something I would like to try even if it is a bit pants on the table top lol.
                      • Imperial Guard Valkyrie. 'Take a Look£41 Wish for
                        • This will be my Xenos Inquisitors air transport. Now officially thanks to Codex Inquisition can use a Valkyrie, and like the idea that he is an Inquisitor and gets whatever he wants.
                      • Valkyrie Transfer Sheet. 'Take a Look£12 Wish for
                        • These will be used to adorn the Inquisitors Valkyrie. An awesome set of Transfers.
                      • Imperial Guard Cadian Kasrkin Squad. 'Take a Look£25.50 Wish for
                        • These guys will for the basis for my Inquisitorial Warband I think, with a couple of extras and some small conversions will fit the part quite well.
                      • Grey Knight Librarian. 'Take a look£15 Wish for
                        • Everyone keeps telling me they are great in 6th Edition and I have written a list that uses one, so its time to get it. And if I paint it the right way I will be able to use it in Grey Knight or Space marine army.

                      • Commander Culln of the Red Scorpions. 'Take a Look£16.50 Purchased (Gift)
                        • As some may know, I have got a long term project being The Red Scorpions Chapter, before Forge World start getting rid of all their stock I want to get Lord High Commander Carab Culln, as he is the Chapter Master and I WANT HIM!
                        • WITH SPECIAL THANKS TO ZAB!
                      • Worcester War II. 'Take a look£10 Purchased 
                        • I want to go to Worcester war 2 in February as I had a great time att eh first one last year, Great games, awesome people and fully of hobby.

                      My aim is to only buy things using my accumulated hobby fund, (Oh and real money when I have it) this should make me choose what I want more carefully!

                      ~ In the darkest parts of the universe, you can still find Faith in the Emperor of Mankind ~


                      1. Can I add Worcester War 2 and 3 (3 is already booked nudge nudge) to the NEED list if I may sir? I trust you had a great xmas and new year?

                        1. Had a really relaxing xmas, not much hobby but time well spent with the family. I trust your was pleasing too.

                          Consider WWII & WWIII added.

                      2. Yes good thanks no hobby time either but I generally pack it away for the xmas period every year. Just a snidbit on WWIII it will be a different tact a campaign day as opposed to the tournament set up and more importantly I get to play in it..... I trust you got the FAQ email the other day?

                        1. Agreed, xmas shut down. FAQ received, looking forward to the day.

                      3. You should move Commander Cullen up a tier, you never know when he will be gone.

                        1. Thanks Anon: I think your right, I should move him up because I really do want the model. Thanks for nudging me :)