Monday, 6 January 2014

The Forge: Campaign Planets

May your weapon be guarded against malfunction,
as your soul is guarded from impurity.
The Machine God watches over you.
Unleash the weapons of war.
Unleash the Death dealer.

The Forge... This is where you will find glimpses into my latest projects. I figured I would not only post up completed work, but also my work in progress (WIP) and get some feedback and / or help on my hobby.

To start on the regular posting  of my WIP, here is a quick look at some work I have in stall for a little campaign I want to run. Keep reading to find out what's on the work bench!

Campaign Map:

So I am currently working on a custom set of campaign rules to go with a campaign map I am creating. I am going to run a little taster campaign at my local gaming club to see if these rules work and if everyone has fun and want more (which I hope they will) I will then run a much larger campaign that will play out in the 'Ostrius System'.

For those who may not know, Games Workshop created a fantastic Planetary Empires map in the form of planets, this also featured in the 'Crusade Of Fire: Campaign book'.

I love the whole conception of this and have starting carving out my own planets for the Ostrius System.

Below is my first nearly completed moon, Luna Primus.
Luna Primus

I have already acquired one set of 'Planetary empire tiles' from my brother (cheers bro, I know I need to pay you still) and I have also got some 'Hive City tiles' but need more. I'm not going to publish my rules set yet as there are still very much WIP. But once complete and tested, they will be uploaded for all to try.

Below are some of the planets nearly ready for fixing in and painting.

The fundamental structure, is 5mm foam card, with the planets set into it, and backed with thin cereal box card. This I think is better than gluing them on a wooden circle as they will be light weight and will look better. I do not need to glue them in either as they are a great fit, meaning that I can change them at any time. I still need to alter the tiles positions to fit in with the planets stats.

Textures on, getting there slowly.

Looking to get a couple of the planets finished soon and paint up the flags and Planetary objectives, its getting there slowly.

I would like to catalogue the campaign as it progresses on here for anyone interested and more importantly, for those playing the campaign. I have been thinking of a lot of ideas about how to do that, and I think I have come up with the solution.

So below is a little teaser of what the digital representation will look like.
The colours and names will change as the occupiers move around. This will help the players and watchers see what's happening and plan there next moves the following week.

For more WIP from The Forge, click 'Here' or use the ++ Mechanicum Noosphere ++ on the sidebar to search around.

~ The Emperor bestows upon us the gift of intolerance ~


  1. I like the templates you use for the planets. It gives a great visual feel, especially the different sizes that can be used to represent moons or smaller planets. Very creative!

    1. Thanks mate, it is coming together slowly and should look quite effective when completed.

      The rules set that has been adapted from several different systems is almost done. Looking to start it in the next couple of months.