Monday, 13 January 2014

The Forge: Dreadknight Shield

May your weapon be guarded against malfunction,
as your soul is guarded from impurity.
The Machine God watches over you.
Unleash the weapons of war.
Unleash the Death dealer.

Last year I was very proud to finish my Nemesis Dreadknight: Brother Diego. I wanted to create a shield for him to use as well, so here is a little snippet into what I have planed.

So in my post 'Nemesis Dreadknight: Brother Diego', I mentioned that I was going to make a shield for him. Well I purchased a Nemesis weapon base from ebay, and this will be magnetised to fit onto my Dreadknight's left arm like a normal weapon.
not quite sure how I am going to make the thing yet so some help is required on this please. Comments welcome below, or 'email' me please if you have pictures of examples.
I think I have decided what to use as the shields base, an old CD case spindle, I will try it to see if it works. The idea is that it is already curved and that's the effect I want.

For Christmas my daughter got me some sculpting tools, so my green stuff skill should start to improve and that also means I can make some intricate detailing for the shield too.

~ The Omnissiah directs our footsteps along the path of knowledge ~

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