Sunday, 16 February 2014

The Forge: Planetary Campaign

Jollen II

I thought I would give you a little teaser of some of the nearly finished planets for the coming Planetary Campaign for Warhammer 40k.

Above is Jollen II, a fabulous paint job done by my brother Mark. Below are two smaller planets, a small satellite Luna Primus and a small desert planet, Turambar I. These will feature in the campaign I have been planning for some time and will have digital overlays completed so you guys and girls at my local club can keep track of where everyone is and plan there next moves.

So here is Luna Primus which has been feature here before.
Luna Primus

And here is Turambar I, a desert world.
Turambar I

I am thinking of adding a little more yellow to the colour as it has got a slight grey look to it at the moment.

Most planets will also have a war zone trait added to them to spice things up a little but more of that will come at a later date.

To find out a little bit more about the background of these planets, click 'Here' or check out the 'Ostrius System' tab at the top.

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  1. Looks good.
    I'm thinking of doing something similar.

    1. Thanks, I have a few more planets to do and is taking a little time fitting it in amongst other thing. Good luck with your similar project.

  2. Just a left field idea I wander if we could use these for the settings on the campaign day at WW3. Ill suggest it to Tweedy (matt). Might ping some emails over (if that's ok) be interested to hear your thoughts on how we might run it? Also thanks to you and your brother for coming another great day I think! Cheers DOC

    1. That sounds great Doc, by all means we could bash head if you like, feel free to start the ball rolling. And yes, another great event at Worcester War 2. already started a new army for WW3.