Tau Empire - Dal'yth Sept - 4th Hunter Cadre

The Dal'yth Sept was one of the First Phase Colonies to be established during the early stages of the Tau Empire expansion into space.

Dal'yth is a very cosmopolitan world where trade is valued as much as conquest. Tau from this world welcome offworlders and, as such, the world has seen the most contact with alien species. Many Water caste merchants and traders come from this sept.

The 4th Hunter Cadre is part of the Dal'yth Exploratory force. Their main objective to scout and investigate new worlds ahead of the main battle fleet, ascertaining if it is ideal for inclusion in the Tau Empire. During the Third Phase of expansion they have come across ever more resistant worlds and races and have suffered great losses, but the Greater Good must prevail and the 4th Hunter Cadre have push on.

After the departure from the last world they surveyed which was a very primitive but resource rich planet, the 4th Hunter Cadre inadvertently slipped into a worm hole and were thrown out into a system far from the reaches of the main battle fleet. Hope of the fleet following them were lost with the collapse of the wormhole moments after the event.

Several small incursions onto what is seemingly the main planet of the system, have given them enough information to understand that they are a great distance from the rest of the fleet and the Tau Empire, and will take a long time to be united again. The ruling Ethereal in the Cadre has decided to stay and carry out covert surveillance on the planets of this far away system, which they have managed to ascertained is called The Ostrius System. But all is not what it seems, and the air is rank with evil...

Force Organisation, Engagements and Event Summary:

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XV8 Battlesuit Commander - Shas'o Dal'yth Ores Shi 'Deployed'

XV8 Bodyguard Team  'Awaiting Orders'


XV104 Riptide Battlesuit 'Orders Received'

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team 'Orders Received'

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit Team 'Awaiting Orders'

XV25 Stealth Team 'Orders Received'


Fire Warrior Team 'Deployed'

Fire Warrior Team 'Awaiting Orders'

Fire Warrior Team 'Awaiting Orders'

Kroot Carnivore Squad 'Orders Received'

Fast Attack

Piranha 'Deployed'

Pathfinder Team 'Awaiting Orders'

Pathfinder Team 'Awaiting Orders'

Heavy Support

Hammerhead Gunship 'Deployed'

Master Gunship Pilot Shas'la Tau Sha'ng 'Commander Longstrike'  'Awaiting Orders'

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit 'Orders Received'

XV88 Broadside Battlesuit 'Awaiting Orders'


Custodian-class Battleship 'Ultima Segmentum - Ostrius System - Location Classified'

3x Warden-class Escorts 'Ultima Segmentum - Ostrius System - Location Classified'

Notable Engagements

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Events Summary

'Tau Empire - Dal'yth Sept - 4th Hunter Cadre'

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